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Need Help

Discussion in 'Don Bradman Cricket 14 Downloads' started by Big Ups, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Big Ups School Cricketer

    Jan 30, 2019
    Hiya guys,

    New member and first post. Im sorry if this has been covered and i come across as thick (CPU's isn't realy my strong point.)

    For all those who are familiar with pro evolution soccer option files, i have no problem working that out and adding all kits/stadiums/badges/emblems etc to the game in one big file. DBC 14 however i find extremely hard, i may aswell read japanese? Is there any video tutorial or any genuine guide to help me add real uniforms and stadiums, bats etc?

    Ive thoroughly scanned the forum for help but i just dont understand the "PC Talk".

    i know DBC 14 is relatively old, but its a great game and im new to PC.

    I would realy appreciate ANY assistance.

    thanks again.
  2. PresidentEvil User Title Purchaser

    RCB... The Amigos India
    Apr 1, 2014
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Royal Challengers Bangalore
    First of all, welcome to PlanetCricket Forums.

    You can easily add uniforms, bats, accessories, Logos and also the textures of the stadium but you can't add a new stadium to the game. Creating and adding new stadiums to the game is available in sequels of this game.

    In order to install the kits bats etc.., go through this tut:

    If you download the mods from this site, the mod maker surely might've provided the tut to install those mods.

    Hope this helped. :)
    zwarrior said thanks for this.

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