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Welcome to the PlanetCricket Premier League Forums
  • What is the PlanetCricket Premier (PCPL) League?
PlanetCricket Premier League is the crème de la crème of the Cricket Simulation Leagues. The PlanetCricket Premiere League (PCPL) is a Text Based Cricket Simulation League contested by five franchise teams.The main attraction of the PlanetCricket Premier League is that the players are made out of PlanetCricket members and Star players.

  • How does the matches get simulated?
Matches are simulated by using a Text Based Cricket Simulator (Syedur Rahman's Cricksim for List A & First Class matches. And Digisims for T20 matches.)

  • How do I join?
You can join by signing up your PlanetCricket player. Sign-ups will be available pre-season and during breaks between the different formats (T20, List A & First Class.) You can assign a specific role to your new player (Specialist batsman, Genuine/Batting/Bowling All-rounder ,Wicket-keeper batsman or Specialist bowler)

  • How do I get picked to represent one of the franchise teams?
New and old players gets drafted via public auctions, which normally take place after the conclusion of the sign-ups.
  • How will my player be rated?
Experienced players are rated higher than new players mainly due to experience, activity bonuses received & player upgrades (Purchased by the franchise owners/management).
Activity bonuses can be earned by all members by simply posting a minimum of 15 x posts in the match threads.
  • What is expected by me?
Comply with the rules. Team support & activity mainly. Some friendly cricket banter is always welcome.

  • Rules
- Normal Forum Rules apply here also.
- Friendly banter is allowed.
- No sexist , below the belt or racial remarks or comments allowed.
- No personal attacks on members.
- No trolling of members.
- Be patient. PCPL Management will post matches, statistics etc. in a timeframe convenient to them.
- Most importantly, HAVE FUN !!!

Rules will be updated from time to time. Kindly pop in from time to time to check if any changes has been made.

Many thanks!
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