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Potential solution to DBC 17 PS4 crashes

Discussion in 'Don Bradman Cricket 17 Forum' started by cricket_online, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. cricket_online ICC Board Member

    Nov 5, 2009
    Ok folks, after struggling with crashes on PS4 was finally able to fix the number of crashes I was having while playing DBC 17 with downloaded teams. Here's what I did...

    0. Optional Step: Clean the current data by deleting 'Logos', 'Stadiums' and preferably 'DBC 17 Profile' from PS4' Settings menu under Application/Game Save Data.
    1. Go to the Academy->Community and search for teams by users 'Casper', 'Fissionmailed' and 'Friedlele7'. You can also download teams from 'Karlkarol' if you are interested in updating associate nations. Since I only wanted to update the intl teams I downloaded the teams from the first three users.
    2. When you get a list of teams created by the user you searched for click on a team (say 'England') and then click 'Download'
    3. Opt for 'Download with logos' option
    4. The download will start and in case you are asked that a logo exists from the same user, select 'Do not replace the existing' option or something similar and press 'Triangle' which ensures similar step is taken for other conflicts; i.e., you want to stick with the logos on your system in case it's already been downloaded.
    5. Next you may get a popup stating that a player (say 'David Warner') already exists. In this case select the option 'Replace existing/current with new' and press Triangle to ensure the same step is followed for other conflicts.
    Important: I tried the option of 'Keep existing player and don't download the new one' and I got crashes so looks like replacing the existing player option helps.
    6. Wait that the teams are fully downloaded and you get the 'Updating data' message on the screen. A couple of times I thought the team was downloaded as the system wasn't doing anything but wait till you see the 'Updating data' text on the screen else the team(s) will not be downloaded properly.
    7. Once you have downloaded the teams go to Academy->Teams->Team Manager and go through the teams to verify the teams have been updated. Somehow my NZ team wasn't reflecting the proper kit and looked the older version and I had to re-download the same and that's when I realized that maybe I didn't wait for the downloaded NZ team to be updated before moving on to the next one.
    8. Go through all the teams (Academy->Teams->Team Manager) and select 'Home Stadiums'. Delete the downloaded custom stadiums and default the home stadiums to OOB in-game options. E.g., I deleted 'Gabba', 'Adelaide Oval' etc. for Australia and changed the home stadiums to 'Sydney Cricket Ground', 'Melbourne Cricket Ground', 'Adelaide Park', 'Don Bradman Oval' and followed similar step for all the teams.
    Note: Unfortunately playing matches in custom stadiums results in more crashes and framerate issues. I haven't had a crash (other than the rain affected games once the last ball of the innings for rain affected matches is completed). IMO the OOB stadiums are pretty decent and reduce the risk of crashes.

    These steps worked for me (in Casual Mode) and if you are struggling with the issue, maybe give it a shot. Will update in case experience issues but so far so good.

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