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Apr 1, 2014
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Cricket 07 FAQ
Before doing anything I recommand you to Please Read Rules

Q- I have problem with my Cricket 07. What Should I do?

A- Please post any problem here

Q- I am having problem with this patch.What should I do?
A- Post in that thread where you download that patch or post in Cricket 07 forum. You can also check here for solution

Q- How to Insall patches?
A- Please check here

Q- I want to make some patches. Where can I learn?
A- You can see some tutorials here and you will also need fshlist to make patches. You will also need biggui and fshed.

Q- I want to post my own patch. Where should I post?
A- You can post in download forum. But before posting anything please read here about plagiarism. Also check here to how to post.

Q- I want to post request, Where can I post?
A- You can post in that thread which is releated to your request or you can post in Cricket 07 Forum

Q- I want to post a patch but it is not ready yet. Where can I post?
A- You can post here if you are working in any patch but have nothing to post. For more info you can read here

Q- I want to post my record about Cricket 07. Where can I post?
A- Please use this thread to post your highest scores,wickets etc.

Q- How do I take screenshots in the game?[/B]
A- Fraps is the easiest way to take screenshots. The other method involves using the Print Screen key and pasting that into photoshop.

Q- What are the files used in Cricket 07?
A- You can see full details here

Q- I want to discuss about Next EA Cricket Game. Is there any place to discuss it?
A- Yes You can found every information about next EA Cricket game and can discuss here

Q- Are there any editor's for Cricket 07?
A- Yes there are many editors for Cricket 07 from where you can edit player, tournaments, line-ups, assign bats, faces etc. You can check here

Q- I am getting Async Load error while playing the game, what to do?
A- This is one of the most common problem in Cricket 07 if you install any patch. The cause and solution of this problem can be found here.

Q- If any patch downloaded from Planet Cricket will damage the game, will they be responsible?
A- PlanetCricket doesn't force anyone to download the patches for the games. All the patches are made by users of the community hence neither PlanetCricket nor the developer will be responsible for any damage caused by the patches. Please use the patches at your own risk.

Some Important Things *Please Read*
Posting in Cricket 07 forum
Cricket 07 Download forum
Requests Thread

For more info please stickies in Cricket 07 forum and read the links below.

Want to edit Cricket 07?
Reading this thread will hopefully help all would-be patchers saving the need for them to start new threads. It will be locked and can be added to, as required, by the C07 forum moderators.

Cricket07 data is contained mostly in a .big file called data.gob. File can be extracted from here using a program called BigGUI

The almost complete list of what all the files in data.gob are can be found here. This will tell you which files to edit.

The files

.fsh files - These are the graphics files for the game (mainly bats/faces/stadium gfx etc). This thread in the downloads forum contains information about the fsh files in C07. Fsh files can be viewed using FshED.

.big files - These are the storage files in which other files are contained. Big files will contain .fsh files and .o files for faces, .rfe files for menus, .cfg for configs, .o .fsh .bin .collision files for stadiums, .viv for animations, .jdi for effects, .saf for strokes. They can all be extracted using BigGUI or viewed (and sometimes previewed) using EA Graphics Editor

.cfg files - Configuration and pacing files for the game. Can be edited using notepad/wordpad.

.collision file - Used in stadiums and not editable with notepad/wordpad etc. Possibly used for rendering.

.o files - 3D modelling files used primarily for faces, bats and stadiums. Edit using oedit.

.ash files - These contain the details of the Ashes scenarios. Editable with notepad or wordpad.

.rfe files - These contain the information on how the game screens are made up. Everything from the main menu to TV overlays and statistics ingame. Currently the encryption/compression has not been cracked so they are mostly uneditable.

.rsg files - These contain fixtures for tournaments in xml format. They can be easily edited with notepad or wordpad.

.english - Contains string data for some of the ingame text. May need to be edited in conjunction with the exe.

.xml files - These are used for strokes, fields and storing important game information on players, stadiums, teams, commentary etc. Editable with notepad, wordpad but best edited with XMLnotepad. Stroke files can be edited with the Shot Editor. Fields can be edited with the Field Editor.

.png/.txd/.tga/.lst - These are, as far as I'm aware, all left over from previous EA cricket games and totally unused by C07.

.dff - 3D renderware files, presumeably for player models and stadiums. As yet unedited in any EA cricket release.

.bin -The files containing the Game Captures. Have yet to be edited in any EA cricket release.

.vp6 - EA Sports video file. Can be converted to .avi using EA convert.

.viv - Animation files. Not been edited.

Other stuff

.ros - The roster files the game uses. Can be edited using a hex editor or more easily with Player Editor07.

.tmt - Tournament Files. Most can be edited with HarryPotter_fan's tmt editor

.mch - Save Game files. Have been partially edited using a hex editor but more work needs to be done. Duded64 has made an editor for changing match conditions.

.pro - Game profile. Edit using a hex editor. Contains information on settings as well as on unlocked videos and scenarios. A video unlocker has been made by Sid_19840.

Faces - This post is essential reading if you are planning on releasing unique faces.

Tutorials for C07

Face Making (duded64)

Bats (Burma's Finest)

Bowling configs (Zimrahil)

Stroke editing (Zimrahil)

Converting .vp6 to .avi (bibu001w)

Various tutorials written for c2k5 (still very relevant to C07)

Important Links

Important Rules
Cricket 2007 Downloads Forum
Support in Running the Game
Reporting Bugs
Face Editing Information
Help regarding FSH and BIG files
Help for Cricket 07 Modified Patch
Support for Player editor
Support in Installing Patches
Correct Players Names
Common Game Problems and Tips **See solutions**

Important Tutorials

Tutorial | Author

Face making Tutorial |Hitterman
Face making tutorial |duded64
Bat Making Tutorial |appu2146
Bat making tutorial |Kshitiz_Indian
Bat Making Tutorial |Harrypotter_fan
Simple bat Making Tutorial |Black Magic
Sound Editing Tutorial |whitehornmatt
TV Overlay Editing tutorial |Harrypotter_fan
Overlay Editing tutorial |bibu001w
AI Editing Tutorial |Harrypotter_fan
Making editor tutorial |barmyarmy
Kit making tutorial |shan_31
O-edit tutorial |Hitterman
Changing helmet logos |CricketPlayer55
Importing Squads Tutorial |Black Magic
Adding bats Tutorial |Black Magic
Logos making tutorial |Kills999
Pitch and Grass Editing tutorial |blackk
How to set a unique face tutorial |PranavPathak
convert .vp6 files to .avi |bibu001w
Real Crowds Making Tutorial |friend863
Stadium Model Editing Tutorial |binnurox
Stadium Editing (Texture Editing) |binnurox
Menu Editing Tutorial |friend863
Adding Conditions in stadiums |friend863
TV Overlay Making Tutorial |Adityacricketer
O-Edit Basic Tutorial |Saahil
Text Editing Tutorial |kandy422
VP6 Game Starting Video Tutorial |kandy422
Stadium Name Editing Tutorial |kandy422
Stroke Editing Tutorial |SN Productions
Outfield Editing Tutorial |SN Productions
Logo Making Tutorial |SN Productions
Text Editing Tutorial |SN Productions
Fixtures Editing Tutorial | SN Productions
Face Modelling | AJ MODS
Bat Template | Mohamed Ajaas
TV Overlay rfe editing | Sanjeevaloria
Making 3D Logo Tutorial | Rudi

Credit to Hitterman for maintaing and updating this in the past. Please PM me for any indexing of your tutorial.
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Mar 30, 2008
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how do i install the ipl patch

i am a new user .i've downloaded the required files

i am getting the ipl tem names with the correct players but the logos and team kits r all wrong .(original holland ,kenya etc)
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Dec 28, 2006
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Extract all the logos and kits from their folders to the ck27 root directory. This will surely work.


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Apr 2, 2008
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Plzz Hitty create a tournament editing tutorial:help


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Dec 28, 2006
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What do you want in tournament editing dude? Can you give me some details so that i can make it.


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Apr 2, 2008
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It must show how to edit teams in a tournament,changing tournament name.chanding fixtures and stadiums and any thing more then this would be Fantastic

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