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Nov 12, 2005
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Didnt like Cric 2k5 at all!!!
1. Virtually impossible to pierce the infield
2. No customizable controls. I got used to the Cric 2k4 controls and its a bit of a dampner not being able to change 2k5 controls to the same keys.
3. No key board interface during game play. Saving a game is a real pain... takes u 5 mouse clicks... btw, has nebody observed that the mouse is damn slow during game play???
4. The player's faces hardly resemble the actual ones. I played with the Indian team and not a single face matches the actual description. Cric 2k2 was amazing in this regard.
5. No option to edit the currently existing players. That would have been interesting.


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Jan 5, 2010
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C2K5 Review:


The gameplay is good enough to be awesome but there are some minor problem's in there.
When you hit a six, you may get out or falls a inch short and four run's.Another one is to do with fielding, when you hit a ball and it go's travelling across the field, a fieldsmen misses the ball and go's right through their legs, but it least you get more runs by the sound of it.

The music is awful, none of the music were on the radio.It's just all these random songs and only just about two or three are my favourite's.The commentary is average and it's that same person like always Richard Benaud! The crowd sounds like buzzing bee's and I really don't like that kind of sound, I want real crowd sound, like chant's or make's sound's like "Woo Hoo!" or "Yeah!" etc.

Nothing special to it just average.But only the Stadium Graphic's suck! When you hit a six, the ball just go's right through the entire stadium! But the rest of it, pretty average indeed.

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8.0 (3 Stars)

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