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Jun 1, 2019
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Can't believe this season is already over. The amount of fun we had was second to none. But when it came to performances on the field, we were once again second to none. Winning 2 trophies, and missing out on the 3rd by just 1 run shows how brilliant we were!

From the first time @Parth D and @CerealKiller approached me to be a co-owner of this franchise to this very day, the journey has been one of its kind. The amount of effort and hard work we put in during the auctions and introducing the team was tiring, but the end result was nothing short of rewarding. And of course the memes and banter throughout were hilarious! Massive thank you to each and everyone for making this season a massive success! The TPCL management, my co-owners, the captains, vice captains and players, I owe you a lot.

The journey for The Avengers this season has come to an end, but we will be back stronger and mightier than ever next year with new heroes. Every good thing comes to an end. But the best things continue!
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Mar 27, 2014

Good evening folks, I am J Jonah Jameson, and I have some hot blazing news for you all. In sudden shocking display of events,

@AsadRM has been found practicing simultaneously at Karachi, Dubai and New York - Queens.

Surprisingly he was doing some weird actions like these:

An older version of Misbah from 2000s, Karachi

An adult version of Misbah from 2010s, Dubai

A teenage version of Misbah from 2020s, Queens

How is it possible? Is this some sort of wizard magic? What is he/they upto?

. . .
Find out more about it on 17th December, book your tickets now for,

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