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We respect your decision, but will still try to grab you in auction/draft :p

You have to go over my dead body for that.

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Oct 12, 2018
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Well to be honest, I'd love to wear that armour as well. But I'd be happy with any team picking me :D

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Modi who?
Asit Modi

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Times and teams' names might change, but for us, the connection to Hollywood is a perennial blood relation. West Coast Wildcats have stepped back. But their never-say-die attitude & philosophy lives on through those looking to avenge. Avengers Assemble! It is officially the time to take over the Cricketing world for 'The Avengers'!

The distinguished, and one of the most active franchises in the history of TPCL, West Coast Wildcats has been rebranded as 'The Avengers', a name that petrifies the opponents. To this date, West Coast Wildcats' legendary status remains etched in the Cricketing fans, pundits, and the opposition's minds alike. The Avengers promise to carry on the legacy and play the epitome of 'competitive Cricket'.

are now

The Avengers

@CerealKiller is the first citizen of the franchise. The OG Founder and the person because of which the franchise is up and running.
:wkb: Talha Hayat will don the gloves for The Avengers in TPCL 3.0

The Sorcerer Supreme of Planet Cricket @Parth D has finally arrived in this dimension. The ¿[Dr.Strange]? in him knows everything.
:ar: X Æ A - 12 Musk to provide the perfect balance to the team.

He is the new kid on the block. One of the most active and loving guy on this forum. Please welcome the newest owner @AsadRM
:bat: Asad Raza will strengthen the middle order for us this season.


On your left, is our reliable gentleman @NePtuNe Gaming aka Steve Rogers.
:bwl: Neptune Gaming is ready with his googlies.

@Akshay. : Lord of Thunder. He attac. He protec. But most importantly, he thic and fat.*
:ar: Jethalal Gada bowls like Jalebi and bats like Fafda.

Loyalty and hardwork. The word that comes to our minds when we think about @NilayShah60
:bwl: Nilay Shah the leader of our pace attack

Designed by Adidas's leading jersey designer @Life Warrior , the shirts are the epitome of appealing visuals!

The artistic List-A jersey is blue and white in colour, with red stripes. Overall the jersey's colour scheme symbolizes diversity and hard work! The Avengers logo is towards the right side as usual, and the jersey is sponsored by some of the best brands going around, including our parent company, Marvel Studios.

The first-class jersey is simple yet elegant. White colour forms the base while red stripes provide a lovely touch. The jersey represents the graceful and dignified nature which The Avengers will exhibit during the first-class stages of TPCL 3.

Our home ground colosseum is an out-of-this-world stadium if there ever was one!
A stadium where the opponents would need days to not acclimatize to conditions, rather just be able to absorb the grandeur of the ginormous colosseum.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Avengers will be playing their games at The Floating Marvel, located in the Inner Orbit, Earth-Mars Linkway. If that wasn't mind-boggling enough, the capacity of the stadium will be 14,000,605. In the Avengers' history, it is a legendary number.

The Floating Marvel is a brainchild of @Parth D and is wonderfully designed by @Life Warrior. Kudos to them both for designing the Universe's biggest stadium!

Lastly, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to issue a massive token of appreciation for our sponsors, without whom this would have never been possible. Marvel Studios and Stark Industries have truly helped us grow together as a team & as a family, while living up to their reputations of partnering with exciting ventures.
Another Team with great graphics stuff.


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Avengers without Spiderman? :spy

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