Draft: The Rabbits Draft - (Cancelled - It was just a bit boring wasn't it)

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    Welcome to the Rabbits Draft, in which you can pick anyone you like, just as long as they've batted at number 11 in a Test match. Wilfred Rhodes will be in demand, but so will Graeme Smith. Sadly Daren Ganga never batted below nine.

    Draft order
    1. @Master Bates - :wi: :bat: Shiv Chanderpaul
    2. @Aislabie - :wi: :bat: George Headley
    3. @AsadRM - :saf: :bat: Graeme Smith
    4. @CerealKiller - :pak: :ar: Wasim Akram
    5. @DalePlaysSports - :eng: :ar: Ben Stokes
    6. @AliB - :ind: :ar: Vinoo Mankad
    7. @AliB - :aus: :ar: Ashton Agar
    8. @DalePlaysSports :pak: :bat: Saleem Malik
    9. @CerealKiller - :aus: :bat: Victor Trumper
    10. @AsadRM - :pak: :bat: Wasim Raja
    11. @Aislabie - :eng: :bat: Denis Compton
    12. @Master Bates - :wi: :bwl: Malcolm Marshall
    13. @AliB - :pak: :ar: Amir Elahi
    14. @Master Bates - :eng: :bat: Geoff Pullar
    15. @Aislabie - :aus: :ar: Warwick Armstrong
    16. @AsadRM - :wi: :bwl: Curtly Ambrose
    17. @CerealKiller
    18. @DalePlaysSports
    19. @DalePlaysSports
    20. @CerealKiller
    21. @AsadRM
    22. @Aislabie
    23. @Master Bates
    24. @AliB
    25. @DalePlaysSports
    26. @AliB
    27. @Master Bates
    28. @Aislabie
    29. @AsadRM
    30. @CerealKiller
    31. @CerealKiller
    32. @AsadRM
    33. @Aislabie
    34. @Master Bates
    35. @AliB
    36. @DalePlaysSports
    37. @CerealKiller
    38. @DalePlaysSports
    39. @AliB
    40. @Master Bates
    41. @Aislabie
    42. @AsadRM
    43. @AsadRM
    44. @Aislabie
    45. @Master Bates
    46. @AliB
    47. @DalePlaysSports
    48. @CerealKiller
    49. @AsadRM
    50. @CerealKiller
    51. @DalePlaysSports
    52. @AliB
    53. @Master Bates
    54. @Aislabie
    55. @Aislabie
    56. @Master Bates
    57. @AliB
    58. @DalePlaysSports
    59. @CerealKiller
    60. @AsadRM
    61. @Aislabie
    62. @AsadRM
    63. @CerealKiller
    64. @DalePlaysSports
    65. @AliB
    66. @Master Bates
    All usual rules apply: you have 24 hours to make a pick before the next picker can jump in; you also have only 24 hours to make a double pick. Please only pick players who have batted at number 11 in Test cricket. Any questions, just ask.

    It would be much appreciated if you could post at the very least some kind of justification for your pick, even if it's just in the form of a sentence:
    Past Drafts
    • No Cricketers Allowed - Pick anyone you like, so long as they never played cricket. Still ongoing.
    • The Worst of ODI Cricket - In which the goal was to pick the worst team possible without anyone playing out of position.
    • The Worst of Test Cricket - The same draft as above, but with Test cricket naturally.
    • The Quiz Draft - In which picks were made as answers to sometimes ambiguous quiz questions. A balanced team was impossible.
    • The Pre-Twenty20 Draft - In which we tried to build the best T20 teams possible out of players who predated the format.
    • All-Time England ODI XI - A self-explanatory draft in which I missed out on Robin Smith because I was worried people might take Mark Ealham.
    • Left-Handed Cricketers - In which you could pick any cricketer in the world so long as they were left-handed. Slightly overcomplicated the rules but it was okay in the end.

    Eligible Players
    :goldo: Means that a player has experience opening the batting. Not an exhaustive list, but it does show the guys where I've thought to check.

    :afg: :bwl: Zahir Khan
    :afg: :bwl: Wafadar Momand
    :afg: :bwl: Waqar Salamkheil
    :aus: :ar: Ashton Agar
    :aus: :bwl: Terry Alderman
    :aus: :ar: Warwick Armstrong :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Michael Beer
    :aus: :bwl: Jackson Bird
    :aus: :wk: Jack Blackham :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Don Blackie
    :aus: :bwl: Doug Bollinger
    :aus: :bat: Kenny Burn :goldo:
    :aus: :wk: Fred Burton
    :aus: :bwl: Ian Callen
    :aus: :wk: Barlow Carkeek
    :aus: :wk: Sammy Carter :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Stuart Clark
    :aus: :bwl: Wayne Clark
    :aus: :bwl: Alan Connolly
    :aus: :bwl: Simon Cook
    :aus: :bwl: William Cooper
    :aus: :bwl: Grahame Corling
    :aus: :bwl: Tibby Cotter :goldo:
    :aus: :bat: George Coulthard
    :aus: :bwl: Pat Crawford
    :aus: :bwl: Adam Dale
    :aus: :bwl: Simon Davis
    :aus: :bwl: Tony Dell
    :aus: :ar: Tony Dodemaide
    :aus: :bwl: Xavier Doherty
    :aus: :bat: Harry Donnan :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Geoff Dymock
    :aus: :bwl: Edwin Evans
    :aus: :bwl: JJ Ferris
    :aus: :bwl: Chuck Fleetwood-Smith
    :aus: :bwl: Damien Fleming
    :aus: :bwl: Sam Gannon
    :aus: :ar: Tom Garrett :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Tom Gaunt
    :aus: :bwl: Peter George
    :aus: :bwl: Dave Gilbert
    :aus: :bwl: John Gleeson
    :aus: :bat: Dave Gregory :goldo:
    :aus: :bat: Sid Gregory :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Clarrie Grimmett
    :aus: :wk: Wally Grout :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Colin Guest
    :aus: :bwl: Jeff Hammond
    :aus: :bwl: Ryan Harris
    :aus: :bwl: Neil Hawke
    :aus: :bwl: Josh Hazlewood
    :aus: :bwl: Jim Higgs
    :aus: :bwl: Ben Hilfenhaus
    :aus: :bwl: Jack Hill
    :aus: :bwl: John Hodges
    :aus: :bwl: Rodney Hogg
    :aus: :bwl: Bob Holland
    :aus: :bwl: Jon Holland
    :aus: :bwl: Ranji Hordern
    :aus: :bwl: Percy Hornibrook
    :aus: :bwl: Bill Howell
    :aus: :bwl: Merv Hughes
    :aus: :bwl: Alan Hurst
    :aus: :bwl: Dainty Ironmonger
    :aus: :bwl: Jack Iverson
    :aus: :wk: Barry Jarman
    :aus: :wk: Affie Jarvis
    :aus: :ar: Ian Johnson :goldo:
    :aus: :ar: Mitchell Johnson
    :aus: :bwl: Bill Johnston
    :aus: :bwl: Ernie Jones
    :aus: :bwl: Michael Kasprowicz
    :aus: :wk: James Kelly :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Lindsay Kline
    :aus: :wk: Gil Langley :goldo:
    :aus: :ar: Frank Laver
    :aus: :bwl: Brett Lee
    :aus: :bwl: Dennis Lillee
    :aus: :ar: Ray Lindwall
    :aus: :bwl: Nathan Lyon
    :aus: :bwl: Stuart MacGill
    :aus: :wk: Len Maddocks :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: John Maguire
    :aus: :bwl: Arthur Mailey
    :aus: :bwl: Ashley Mallett
    :aus: :bwl: Bob Massie
    :aus: :bwl: Tim May
    :aus: :bwl: Laurie Mayne
    :aus: :bwl: Ernie McCormick
    :aus: :bwl: Craig McDermott
    :aus: :bwl: Ted McDonald
    :aus: :bwl: Glenn McGrath
    :aus: :bwl: Peter McIntyre
    :aus: :bwl: Graham McKenzie
    :aus: :bwl: Tom McKibbin
    :aus: :bwl: John McLaren
    :aus: :ar: Charlie McLeod :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: George McShane
    :aus: :bwl: Ian Meckiff
    :aus: :bwl: Colin Miller
    :aus: :bwl: Frank Misson
    :aus: :ar: William Moule
    :aus: :bwl: Scott Muller
    :aus: :bwl: Geff Noblet
    :aus: :bwl: Steve O'Keefe
    :aus: :wk: Bert Oldfield :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Bill O'Reilly
    :aus: :bwl: Joey Palmer
    :aus: :bwl: Len Pascoe
    :aus: :bwl: James Pattinson
    :aus: :ar: Peter Philpott
    :aus: :bwl: Carl Rackemann
    :aus: :bwl: Bruce Reid
    :aus: :bwl: David Renneberg
    :aus: :bwl: Jhye Richardson
    :aus: :bwl: Digger Robertson
    :aus: :bwl: Gordon Rorke
    :aus: :bwl: Jack Saunders
    :aus: :bwl: Peter Siddle
    :aus: :bwl: Fred Spofforth
    :aus: :ar: Mitchell Starc
    :aus: :bwl: Shaun Tait
    :aus: :bwl: Alan Thomson
    :aus: :bwl: Jeff Thomson
    :aus: :bwl: Pud Thurlow
    :aus: :bwl: Ernie Toshack
    :aus: :bwl: Ike Travers
    :aus: :ar: Hugh Trumble :goldo:
    :aus: :bat: Victor Trumper :goldo:
    :aus: :bwl: Charlie Turner
    :aus: :bwl: Max Walker
    :aus: :bwl: Tim Wall
    :aus: :bwl: Frank Ward
    :aus: :bwl: Mike Whitney
    :aus: :bwl: Bill Whitty
    :aus: :bwl: Brad Williams
    :aus: :bwl: Paul Wilson
    :aus: :bat: Jack Worrall :goldo:
    :ban: :bwl: Taskin Ahmed
    :ban: :bwl: Mahbubul Alam
    :ban: :bwl: Tariq Aziz
    :ban: :bwl: Tapash Baisya
    :ban: :bwl: Ranjan Das
    :ban: :bwl: Enamul Haque
    :ban: :bwl: Enamul Haque Jr
    :ban: :bwl: Nayeem Hasan
    :ban: :bwl: Al-Amin Hossain
    :ban: :bwl: Ebadat Hossain
    :ban: :bwl: Jubair Hossain
    :ban: :bwl: Nazmul Hossain
    :ban: :bwl: Rubel Hossain
    :ban: :bwl: Shahadat Hossain
    :ban: :bwl: Manjural Islam
    :ban: :bwl: Robiul Islam
    :ban: :bwl: Sajedul Islam
    :ban: :bwl: Shafiul Islam
    :ban: :bwl: Abu Jayed
    :ban: :bwl: Talha Jubair
    :ban: :bwl: Alamgir Kabir
    :ban: :bwl: Mashrafe Mortaza
    :ban: :bwl: Anwar Hossain Monir
    :ban: :bwl: Kamrul Islam Rabbi
    :ban: :bwl: Mustafizur Rahman
    :ban: :bwl: Syed Rasel
    :ban: :bwl: Abdur Razzak
    :ban: :bwl: Subashis Roy
    :ban: :bwl: Mohammad Sharif
    :eng: :bwl: Jonathan Agnew
    :eng: :ar: Gubby Allen
    :eng: :bwl: Maurice Allom
    :eng: :bwl: Paul Allott
    :eng: :bwl: Jimmy Anderson
    :eng: :bwl: Bob Appleyard
    :eng: :bwl: Geoff Arnold
    :eng: :ar: Ted Arnold :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: William Attewell
    :eng: :bwl: Jake Ball
    :eng: :bwl: Sydney Barnes
    :eng: :bwl: Gareth Batty
    :eng: :bwl: Alec Bedser
    :eng: :bwl: Bob Berry
    :eng: :bwl: Colin Blythe
    :eng: :bwl: Bill Bowes
    :eng: :bwl: Harry Boyle :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Bill Bradley
    :eng: :bwl: Walter Brearley
    :eng: :ar: Stuart Broad
    :eng: :ar: Hugh Bromley-Davenport
    :eng: :bwl: Alan Brown
    :eng: :bwl: David Brown
    :eng: :bwl: Simon Brown
    :eng: :bwl: Harold Butler
    :eng: :wk: Harry Butt
    :eng: :bwl: Andy Caddick
    :eng: :bwl: Douglas Carr
    :eng: :bwl: Claude Carter
    :eng: :ar: Tom Cartwright
    :eng: :bwl: John Childs
    :eng: :bwl: Stanley Christopherson
    :eng: :bwl: Nobby Clark
    :eng: :bwl: Len Coldwell
    :eng: :bat: Denis Compton
    :eng: :bwl: Nick Cook
    :eng: :bwl: Bill Copson
    :eng: :bwl: Bob Cottam
    :eng: :bwl: Norman Cowans
    :eng: :bwl: Harry Dean
    :eng: :bwl: Graham Dilley
    :eng: :wk: George Duckworth
    :eng: :bwl: Jack Durston
    :eng: :ar: Phil Edmonds
    :eng: :wk: Godfrey Evans
    :eng: :bwl: Ken Farnes
    :eng: :bwl: Arthur Fielder
    :eng: :bwl: Steven Finn
    :eng: :bwl: Jack Flavell
    :eng: :bwl: Neil Foster
    :eng: :bwl: Arnold Fothergill
    :eng: :bwl: Angus Fraser
    :eng: :bwl: Tich Freeman
    :eng: :bwl: Ed Giddins
    :eng: :bwl: Norman Gifford
    :eng: :ar: Arthur Gilligan
    :eng: :bwl: Tom Goddard
    :eng: :bwl: Darren Gough
    :eng: :bwl: Alf Gover
    :eng: :bwl: Tommy Greenhough
    :eng: :ar: Schofield Haigh
    :eng: :bwl: Steve Harmison
    :eng: :bat: Lord Hawke
    :eng: :bwl: Dean Headley
    :eng: :bwl: Jack Hearne
    :eng: :ar: Eddie Hemmings
    :eng: :bwl: Mike Hendrick
    :eng: :bwl: Malcolm Hilton
    :eng: :ar: Bill Hitch
    :eng: :bwl: Robin Hobbs
    :eng: :bwl: Matthew Hoggard
    :eng: :bwl: Eric Hollies
    :eng: :bat: Errol Holmes
    :eng: :bwl: Harry Howell
    :eng: :wk: Joe Hunter
    :eng: :bwl: Alan Igglesden
    :eng: :bwl: Richard Illingworth
    :eng: :bwl: Mark Ilott
    :eng: :bwl: Robin Jackman
    :eng: :bwl: Les Jackson
    :eng: :bwl: Paul Jarvis
    :eng: :bwl: Jeff Jones
    :eng: :bwl: Simon Jones
    :eng: :bwl: Simon Kerrigan
    :eng: :bwl: James Kirtley
    :eng: :bwl: Neville Knox
    :eng: :bwl: Jim Laker
    :eng: :bwl: David Larter
    :eng: :ar: Harold Larwood
    :eng: :bwl: Syd Lawrence
    :eng: :bwl: Jack Leach :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Walter Lees
    :eng: :bwl: John Lever
    :eng: :bwl: Peter Lever
    :eng: :wk: Dick Lilley
    :eng: :bwl: Peter Loader
    :eng: :bwl: Tony Lock
    :eng: :ar: George Lohmann :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: George Macaulay
    :eng: :bwl: Devon Malcolm
    :eng: :bwl: Charles Marriott
    :eng: :bwl: Frank Martin
    :eng: :bwl: Jack Martin
    :eng: :bwl: Walter Mead
    :eng: :bat: Audley Miller
    :eng: :bwl: Tommy Miller
    :eng: :bwl: Arthur Mold
    :eng: :bwl: Fred Morley
    :eng: :bwl: Alan Moss
    :eng: :bwl: Alan Mullally
    :eng: :bwl: Tim Munton
    :eng: :bwl: Chris Old
    :eng: :bwl: Graham Onions
    :eng: :bwl: George Paine
    :eng: :bwl: Ken Palmer
    :eng: :bwl: Monty Panesar
    :eng: :bwl: Ciss Parkin
    :eng: :bwl: Darren Pattinson
    :eng: :bwl: Ted Peate
    :eng: :bwl: Ian Peebles
    :eng: :bwl: Reg Perks
    :eng: :wk: Dick Pilling
    :eng: :bwl: Pat Pocock
    :eng: :bwl: Dick Pollard
    :eng: :bwl: John Price
    :eng: :bat: Geoff Pullar :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Neal Radford
    :eng: :ar: Albert Relf :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Harold Rhodes
    :eng: :ar: Wilfred Rhodes :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Tom Richardson
    :eng: :bwl: Tich Richmond
    :eng: :bwl: Fred Ridgeway
    :eng: :bwl: Fred Rumsey
    :eng: :bat: Eric Russell :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Sandford Schultz
    :eng: :bwl: Derek Shackleton
    :eng: :bwl: John Sharp
    :eng: :wk: Mordecai Sherwin
    :eng: :bwl: Ken Shuttleworth
    :eng: :bwl: Gladstone Small
    :eng: :bwl: David Smith
    :eng: :bwl: Mike Smith
    :eng: :bwl: John Snow
    :eng: :bwl: John Southerton
    :eng: :bwl: Brian Statham
    :eng: :ar: Ben Stokes
    :eng: :bwl: Ollie Stone
    :eng: :wk: Bert Strudwick
    :eng: :bwl: Peter Such
    :eng: :ar: Graeme Swann
    :eng: :bwl: Fred Tate
    :eng: :ar: Maurice Tate :goldo:
    :eng: :bwl: Roy Tattersall
    :eng: :bwl: Les Taylor
    :eng: :bwl: Greg Thomas
    :eng: :bwl: Chris Tremlett
    :eng: :bwl: Maurice Tremlett
    :eng: :bwl: Fred Trueman
    :eng: :bwl: Phil Tufnell
    :eng: :bwl: Dick Tyldesley
    :eng: :bwl: Frank Tyson
    :eng: :bwl: Derek Underwood
    :eng: :bwl: Hedley Verity :goldo:
    :eng: :bat: George Vernon
    :eng: :bwl: Bill Voce
    :eng: :bwl: Alan Ward
    :eng: :bwl: Butch White
    :eng: :bwl: Jack White
    :eng: :bwl: Len Wilkinson
    :eng: :bwl: Bob Willis
    :eng: :wk: Henry Wood
    :eng: :bwl: Doug White
    :eng: :bwl: Jack Young
    :ind: :bwl: Varun Aaron
    :ind: :bwl: Ghulam Ahmed
    :ind: :bwl: Salil Ankola
    :ind: :bwl: Lakshmipathy Balaji
    :ind: :bwl: Mantu Banerjee
    :ind: :bwl: Bishan Bedi
    :ind: :bwl: Raghuram Bhat
    :ind: :ar: Amar Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Jasprit Bumrah
    :ind: :bwl: Bhagwath Chandrasekhar
    :ind: :bwl: Rajesh Chauhan
    :ind: :bwl: Nirode Chowdhury
    :ind: :bwl: Ramakant Desai
    :ind: :bwl: Dilip Doshi
    :ind: :bwl: Dodda Ganesh
    :ind: :bwl: Ghulam Guard
    :ind: :bwl: Subrata Guha
    :ind: :bwl: Baloo Gupte
    :ind: :bwl: Subhash Gupte
    :ind: :wk: Dattaram Hindlekar :goldo:
    :ind: :bwl: Narendra Hirwani
    :ind: :wk: Jenni Irani
    :ind: :bwl: Rustomji Jamshedji
    :ind: :bwl: Murali Kartik
    :ind: :bwl: Zaheer Khan
    :ind: :wk: Syed Kirmani
    :ind: :bwl: Nilesh Kulkarni
    :ind: :bwl: Umesh Kulkarni
    :ind: :bwl: Vaman Kumar
    :ind: :ar: Anil Kumble
    :ind: :wkb: Budhi Kunderan :goldo:
    :ind: :ar: Vinoo Mankad :goldo:
    :ind: :bat: Vijay Mehra :goldo:
    :ind: :bwl: Amit Mishra
    :ind: :bwl: Abhimanyu Mithun
    :ind: :bwl: Debasis Mohanty
    :ind: :wk: Nayan Mongia :goldo:
    :ind: :ar: CS Nayudu
    :ind: :bwl: Ashish Nehra
    :ind: :bwl: Mohammed Nissar
    :ind: :bwl: Shah Nyalchand
    :ind: :bwl: Pragyan Ojha
    :ind: :bat: Phiroze Palia
    :ind: :bwl: Jasubhai Patel
    :ind: :bwl: Munaf Patel
    :ind: :bwl: Venkatesh Prasad
    :ind: :bwl: Erapilli Prasanna
    :ind: :bwl: Venkatapathy Raju
    :ind: :bwl: Ladha Ramji
    :ind: :bwl: Commandur Rangachari
    :ind: :bwl: Vasant Ranjane
    :ind: :bwl: Vivek Razdan
    :ind: :bwl: Rahul Sanghvi
    :ind: :wk: Khokhan Sen
    :ind: :bwl: Mohammed Shami
    :ind: :ar: Chetan Sharma
    :ind: :bwl: Ishant Sharma
    :ind: :bwl: Sadhu Shinde
    :ind: :ar: Harbhajan Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Harvinder Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Maninder Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Pankaj Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Robin Singh
    :ind: :bwl: RP Singh
    :ind: :bwl: VRV Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Yograj Singh
    :ind: :bwl: Laxman Sivaramakrishnan
    :ind: :bwl: Shanthakumaran Sreesanth
    :ind: :bwl: Javagal Srinath
    :ind: :bwl: Raman Surendranath
    :ind: :bwl: Keki Tarapore
    :ind: :bwl: Shardul Thakur
    :ind: :bwl: Jaydev Unadkat
    :ind: :bwl: Srinivas Venkataraghavan
    :ind: :bwl: Margashayam Venkataramana
    :ind: :bwl: Shivlal Yadav
    :ind: :bwl: Umesh Yadav
    :ind: :bwl: Tinu Yohannan
    :ire: :bwl: Tim Murtagh
    :ire: :bwl: Boyd Rankin
    :nzf: :bwl: Jack Alabaster
    :nzf: :ar: Cyril Allcott
    :nzf: :bwl: Geoff Allott
    :nzf: :bwl: Bryan Andrews
    :nzf: :ar: Ted Badcock
    :nzf: :bwl: Bill Bell
    :nzf: :bwl: Bob Blair
    :nzf: :bwl: Shane Bond
    :nzf: :bwl: Stephen Boock
    :nzf: :bwl: Trent Boult
    :nzf: :bwl: Brendon Bracewell
    :nzf: :ar: John Bracewell
    :nzf: :bwl: Ian Butler
    :nzf: :ar: Chris Cairns
    :nzf: :ar: Lance Cairns
    :nzf: :bwl: Sydney Callaway
    :nzf: :bwl: Frank Cameron
    :nzf: :bwl: Harry Cave
    :nzf: :bwl: Ewen Chatfield
    :nzf: :bwl: Don Cleverley
    :nzf: :bwl: Richard Collinge
    :nzf: :bwl: Ian Colquhoun
    :nzf: :bwl: Jack Cowie
    :nzf: :bwl: Fen Cresswell
    :nzf: :bwl: Bob Cunis
    :nzf: :bwl: Heath Davis
    :nzf: :bwl: Richard de Groen
    :nzf: :bwl: Simon Doull
    :nzf: :bwl: Chris Drum
    :nzf: :bwl: Lockie Ferguson
    :nzf: :bwl: Doug Freeman
    :nzf: :wk: Roy Harford
    :nzf: :bwl: Mark Haslam
    :nzf: :bwl: Johnny Hayes
    :nzf: :bwl: Matt Henderson
    :nzf: :bwl: Ken Hough
    :nzf: :bwl: Hedley Howarth
    :nzf: :wk: Ken James
    :nzf: :bwl: Robert Kennedy
    :nzf: :ar: Chris Kuggelijn
    :nzf: :bwl: Allen Lissette
    :nzf: :wk: Trevor McMahon
    :nzf: :bwl: Chris Martin
    :nzf: :ar: Mal Matheson
    :nzf: :wk: Barry Milburn
    :nzf: :bwl: Alex Moir
    :nzf: :bwl: Danny Morrison :goldo:
    :nzf: :bwl: Jack Newman
    :nzf: :bwl: Ian O'Brien
    :nzf: :bwl: Shayne O'Connor
    :nzf: :bwl: David O'Sullivan
    :nzf: :bwl: Guy Overton
    :nzf: :bwl: Michael Owens
    :nzf: :bwl: Ajaz Patel
    :nzf: :bwl: Jeetan Patel
    :nzf: :bwl: Peter Petherick
    :nzf: :bwl: Chris Pringle
    :nzf: :bwl: Tom Puna
    :nzf: :bwl: David Sewell
    :nzf: :bwl: Ian Sinclair
    :nzf: :bwl: Martin Snedden :goldo:
    :nzf: :bwl: Gary Troup
    :nzf: :bwl: Daryl Tuffey
    :nzf: :ar: Daniel Vettori
    :nzf: :bwl: Neil Wagner
    :nzf: :bwl: Kerry Walmsley
    :nzf: :wk: John Ward
    :nzf: :bwl: Willie Watson
    :nzf: :bwl: Murray Webb
    :nzf: :bwl: Paul Wiseman
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Abbas
    :pak: :bwl: Shaheen Shah Afridi
    :pak: :bwl: Ashfaq Ahmed
    :pak: :bwl: Mushtaq Ahmed
    :pak: :bwl: Niaz Ahmed
    :pak: :bwl: Shabbir Ahmed
    :pak: :bwl: Tauseef Ahmed
    :pak: :bwl: Haseeb Ahsan
    :pak: :bwl: Saeed Ajmal
    :pak: :bwl: Shoaib Akhtar
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Akram
    :pak: :ar: Wasim Akram
    :pak: :bwl: Hasan Ali
    :pak: :bwl: Liaqat Ali
    :pak: :bwl: Rahat Ali
    :pak: :bat: Talat Ali :goldo:
    :pak: :bwl: Yasir Ali
    :pak: :bwl: Saleem Altaf
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Amir
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Asif
    :pak: :bwl: Zulfiqar Babar
    :pak: :bwl: Miran Bakhsh
    :pak: :bwl: Sikandar Bakht
    :pak: :wk: Wasim Bari :goldo:
    :pak: :ar: Shujauddin Butt :goldo:
    :pak: :bwl: Aizaz Cheema
    :pak: :bwl: Antao D'Souza
    :pak: :bwl: Fazal e-Akbar
    :pak: :bwl: Ehteshamuddin
    :pak: :ar: Amir Elahi :goldo:
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Farooq
    :pak: :bwl: Nadeem Ghauri
    :pak: :bwl: Umar Gul
    :pak: :bwl: Azeem Hafeez
    :pak: :bwl: Farooq Hamid
    :pak: :bwl: Mir Hamza
    :pak: :bwl: Khalid Hasan
    :pak: :bwl: Mahmood Hussain
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Irfan
    :pak: :bwl: Jalaluddin
    :pak: :bwl: Aaqib Javed
    :pak: :bwl: Mohsin Kamal
    :pak: :bwl: Danish Kaneria
    :pak: :bwl: Arshad Khan
    :pak: :bwl: Imran Khan
    :pak: :bwl: Junaid Khan
    :pak: :bwl: Sohail Khan
    :pak: :bwl: Zakir Khan
    :pak: :bwl: Fazal Mahmood
    :pak: :bwl: Munir Malik
    :pak: :bat: Saleem Malik
    :pak: :bwl: Atif Masood
    :pak: :bwl: Khan Mohammad
    :pak: :bwl: Muhammad Musa
    :pak: :bwl: Saqlain Mushtaq
    :pak: :bwl: Aamer Nazir
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Nazir
    :pak: :bwl: Shahid Nazir
    :pak: :bwl: Abdul Qadir
    :pak: :bwl: Iqbal Qasim
    :pak: :ar: Wasim Raja
    :pak: :bwl: Wahab Riaz
    :pak: :bwl: Parvez Sajjad
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Sami
    :pak: :bwl: Naseem Shah
    :pak: :bwl: Yasir Shah
    :pak: :ar: Nasim ul-Ghani :goldo:
    :pak: :bwl: Mufasir ul-Haq
    :pak: :bwl: Atta ur-Rehman
    :pak: :bwl: Waqar Younis
    :pak: :bwl: Mohammad Zahid
    :saf: :bwl: Paul Adams
    :saf: :bwl: Neil Adcock
    :saf: :bwl: Gobo Ashley
    :saf: :ar: Xen Balaskas
    :saf: :bwl: Sandy Bell
    :saf: :bwl: George Finlay Bissett
    :saf: :ar: Jimmy Blackenburg
    :saf: :bwl: Ernest Bock
    :saf: :bwl: Tertius Bosch
    :saf: :bwl: Harry Bromfield
    :saf: :bwl: Izak Buys
    :saf: :wk: Tom Campbell
    :saf: :bwl: Grahame Chevalier
    :saf: :bwl: John Cochran
    :saf: :bwl: Joe Cox
    :saf: :bwl: Bob Crisp
    :saf: :bwl: Eric Davis
    :saf: :bwl: Marchant de Lange
    :saf: :bwl: Fanie de Villiers
    :saf: :bwl: Friedel de Wet
    :saf: :bwl: Allan Donald
    :saf: :bwl: Flooi du Toit
    :saf: :bat: Claude Flouquet :goldo:
    :saf: :bwl: Eddie Fuller
    :saf: :bwl: Norman Gordon
    :saf: :bwl: Alf Hall
    :saf: :bwl: Glen Hall
    :saf: :bwl: Clive Halse
    :saf: :bwl: Paul Harris
    :saf: :bwl: Nantie Hayward
    :saf: :bwl: Peter Heine
    :saf: :bwl: Gus Kempis
    :saf: :bwl: Johannes Kotze
    :saf: :bwl: Charl Langeveldt
    :saf: :bwl: Bill Lundie
    :saf: :bwl: Cuan McCarthy
    :saf: :bwl: Atholl McKinnon
    :saf: :bwl: Michael Melle
    :saf: :bwl: Bonnor Middleton
    :saf: :bwl: Morne Morkel :goldo:
    :saf: :bwl: Andre Nel
    :saf: :ar: Bob Newson
    :saf: :bwl: Mfuneko Ngam
    :saf: :bwl: Lungi Ngidi
    :saf: :bwl: Anrich Nortje
    :saf: :bwl: Makhaya Ntini
    :saf: :bwl: Arthur Ochse
    :saf: :bwl: Duanne Olivier
    :saf: :bwl: George Parker
    :saf: :bwl: Joe Partridge
    :saf: :ar: Ormy Pearse :goldo:
    :saf: :bwl: Sid Pegler
    :saf: :ar: Vernon Philander
    :saf: :bwl: Dane Piedt
    :saf: :bwl: Jack Plimsoll
    :saf: :bwl: Dewald Pretorius
    :saf: :bwl: Henry Promnitz
    :saf: :bwl: Neville Quinn
    :saf: :bwl: Kagiso Rabada
    :saf: :bwl: Norman Reid
    :saf: :bwl: Jack Robertson
    :saf: :bwl: George Rowe
    :saf: :bwl: Sivert Samuelson
    :saf: :bwl: Brett Schultz
    :saf: :ar: Reggie Schwartz
    :saf: :bwl: Tabraiz Shamsi
    :saf: :wk: Percy Sherwell :goldo:
    :saf: :bat: Graeme Smith :goldo:
    :saf: :bwl: Ian Smith
    :saf: :bat: Stanley Snooke
    :saf: :bwl: Dale Steyn
    :saf: :ar: Pay Symcox
    :saf: :bwl: Imran Tahir
    :saf: :bwl: David Terbrugge
    :saf: :bwl: Pat Trimborn
    :saf: :bwl: Lonwabo Tsotsobe
    :saf: :bwl: Len Tuckett
    :saf: :ar: Clive van Ryneveld
    :saf: :ar: Bert Vogler
    :saf: :wk: Tommy Ward :goldo:
    :saf: :bwl: Joseph Willoughby
    :sri: :bwl: Saliya Ahangama
    :sri: :bwl: Kaushki Amalean
    :sri: :bwl: Ishara Amerasinghe
    :sri: :bwl: Jayantha Amerasinghe
    :sri: :bwl: Don Anurasiri
    :sri: :bwl: Malinga Bandara
    :sri: :bwl: Dushmantha Chameera
    :sri: :wk: Guy de Alwis
    :sri: :bwl: Ajit de Silva
    :sri: :ar: Asoka de Silva
    :sri: :bwl: Sajeewa de Silva
    :sri: :bwl: Sujeewa de Silva
    :sri: :bwl: Shaminda Eranga
    :sri: :bwl: Dilhara Fernando
    :sri: :bwl: Vishwa Fernando
    :sri: :bwl: Chamila Gamage
    :sri: :bwl: Lahiru Gamage
    :sri: :bwl: Roshan Guneratne
    :sri: :bwl: Rangana Herath
    :sri: :bwl: Vinothen John
    :sri: :bwl: Lahiru Kumara
    :sri: :bwl: Kosala Kuruppuarachchi
    :sri: :bwl: Graeme Labrooy
    :sri: :bwl: Suranga Lakmal
    :sri: :bwl: Ranjith Madurasinghe
    :sri: :ar: Farveez Maharoof
    :sri: :bwl: Lasith Malinga
    :sri: :bwl: Ajantha Mendis
    :sri: :bwl: Muttiah Muralitharan
    :sri: :bwl: Prabath Nissanka
    :sri: :bwl: Ruchira Perera
    :sri: :bwl: Nuwan Pradeep
    :sri: :bwl: Malinga Pushpakumara
    :sri: :bwl: Ravindra Pushpakumara
    :sri: :bwl: Champaka Ramanayake
    :sri: :bwl: Rumesh Ratnayake
    :sri: :bwl: Lakshan Sandakan
    :sri: :bwl: Jayantha Silva
    :sri: :bwl: Thilan Thushara
    :sri: :bwl: Jayananda Warnaweera
    :sri: :bwl: Chanaka Welegedara
    :sri: :bwl: Pramodya Wickramasinghe
    :sri: :bwl: Roger Wijesuriya
    :sri: :bwl: Nuwan Zoysa
    :wi: :bwl: Puss Achong
    :wi: :bwl: Ian Allen
    :wi: :bwl: Curtly Ambrose
    :wi: :bwl: Lionel Baker
    :wi: :bwl: Kenny Benjamin
    :wi: :bwl: Sulieman Benn
    :wi: :bwl: Brandon Bess
    :wi: :bwl: Tino Best
    :wi: :bwl: Devendra Bishoo
    :wi: :bwl: Marlon Black
    :wi: :bat: Shiv Chanderpaul :goldo:
    :wi: :bwl: Bertie Clarke
    :wi: :bwl: Sylvester Clarke
    :wi: :bwl: Pedro Collins
    :wi: :bwl: Corey Collymore
    :wi: :bwl: Sheldon Cottrell
    :wi: :bwl: Colin Croft
    :wi: :bwl: Cameron Cuffy
    :wi: :bwl: Miguel Cummins
    :wi: :bwl: Wayne Daniel
    :wi: :bwl: Winston Davis
    :wi: :bwl: Tom Dewdney
    :wi: :bwl: Rajindra Dhanraj
    :wi: :bwl: Mervyn Dillon
    :wi: :bwl: Uton Dowe
    :wi: :bwl: Fidel Edwards
    :wi: :ar: Wilf Ferguson :goldo:
    :wi: :bwl: George Francis
    :wi: :bwl: Shannon Gabriel
    :wi: :bwl: Joel Garner
    :wi: :bwl: Berkley Gaskin
    :wi: :bwl: Lance Gibbs
    :wi: :bwl: Roy Gilchrist
    :wi: :bwl: George Gladstone
    :wi: :bwl: Charlie Griffith
    :wi: :bwl: Herman Griffith
    :wi: :bwl: Wes Hall
    :wi: :ar: Roger Harper
    :wi: :bat: George Headley
    :wi: :bwl: Michael Holding
    :wi: :wk: Errol Hunte :goldo:
    :wi: :bwl: Amit Jaggernauth
    :wi: :bwl: Tyrell Johnson
    :wi: :bat: Charles Jones :goldo:
    :wi: :bwl: Prior Jones
    :wi: :bwl: Raphick Jumadeen
    :wi: :bwl: Esmond Kentish
    :wi: :bwl: Frank King
    :wi: :bwl: Reon King
    :wi: :bwl: Jermaine Lawson
    :wi: :bwl: Sherman Lewis
    :wi: :ar: Malcolm Marshall
    :wi: :bwl: Manny Martindale
    :wi: :bwl: Ezra Moseley
    :wi: :bwl: Jack Noreiga
    :wi: :bwl: Nelon Pascal
    :wi: :bwl: Patrick Patterson
    :wi: :ar: Keemo Paul
    :wi: :bwl: Daren Powell
    :wi: :bwl: Sonny Ramadhin
    :wi: :bwl: Dinanath Ramnarine
    :wi: :bwl: Ravi Rampaul
    :wi: :bwl: Kemar Roach
    :wi: :bwl: Andy Roberts
    :wi: :bwl: Grayson Shillingford
    :wi: :bwl: Shane Shillingford
    :wi: :bwl: Milton Small
    :wi: :bwl: Edwin St Hill
    :wi: :bwl: Colin Stuart
    :wi: :bwl: Jerome Taylor
    :wi: :bwl: Jeswick Taylor
    :wi: :bwl: Patterson Thompson
    :wi: :bwl: Gavin Tonge
    :wi: :bwl: John Trim
    :wi: :bwl: Alf Valentine
    :wi: :bwl: Courtney Walsh
    :wi: :bwl: Jomel Warrican
    :wi: :bwl: Dwight Washington
    :wi: :bwl: Chester Watson
    :zim: :bwl: Tendai Chatara
    :zim: :bwl: Michael Chinouya
    :zim: :bwl: Douglas Hondo
    :zim: :bwl: Adam Huckle
    :zim: :bwl: Kyle Jarvis
    :zim: :bwl: Malcolm Jarvis
    :zim: :bwl: Tafadzwa Kamungozi
    :zim: :bwl: Charlie Lock
    :zim: :ar: Blessing Mahwire
    :zim: :bwl: Everton Matambanadzo
    :zim: :bwl: Pommie Mbangwa
    :zim: :bwl: Chris Mpofu
    :zim: :bwl: Natsai Mushangwe
    :zim: :bwl: David Mutendera
    :zim: :bwl: Blessing Muzarabani
    :zim: :bwl: Waddington Mwayenga
    :zim: :bwl: Njabulo Ncube
    :zim: :bwl: John Nyumbu
    :zim: :bwl: Henry Olonga
    :zim: :bwl: Tinashe Panyangara
    :zim: :bwl: Stephen Peall
    :zim: :bwl: Ray Price
    :zim: :bwl: John Rennie
    :zim: :bwl: Bryan Strang
    :zim: :ar: Heath Streak
    :zim: :bwl: John Traicos
    :zim: :bwl: Brian Vitori
    :zim: :bwl: Brighton Watambwa
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  2. Aislabie Black Belt in Statsguru

    Moderator PlanetCricket Award Winner Ireland
    Sep 3, 2010
  3. Aislabie Black Belt in Statsguru

    Moderator PlanetCricket Award Winner Ireland
    Sep 3, 2010
    Calling on all of you who are interested - @CerealKiller @DalePlaysSports @Dutch @Master Bates and hopefully others - now is the time to sign up. I'm sorry that it took so long to get this together - it turns out that compiling player databases over the festive period is a little bit of a slower process than usual.

    All the same - Happy New Year and Happy New Draft!
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  4. DalePlaysCricket User Title Purchaser

    May 31, 2006
    National Team:
    Aye go on then
    Aislabie said thanks for this.
  5. Master Bates Panel of Selectors

    Master Bates
    Fantasy Cricket Team PAK... RCB... NZ.... AUS.. CSK DD..... ENG.... India
    Feb 20, 2018
    National Team:
    I'm in..
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  6. CerealKiller Staff Member

    Moderator Sportsbookie Fantasy Cricket Team PAK... West Coast Wildcats PlanetCricket Award Winner Islamabad
    Apr 26, 2015
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Islamabad United (cricket), Juventus (football)
    In, will confirm later though
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  7. AliB ICC President

    Mumbai Indians Xtreme Rebelz PlanetCricket Award Winner AFG... India
    Oct 7, 2014
    I'm interested but don't know if I'll be able to complete it, still count me in.
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  8. Aislabie Black Belt in Statsguru

    Moderator PlanetCricket Award Winner Ireland
    Sep 3, 2010
    Wonderful. I will aim to have the order up tomorrow.

    Just want to check @AsadRM is still on board?
  9. Master Bates Panel of Selectors

    Master Bates
    Fantasy Cricket Team PAK... RCB... NZ.... AUS.. CSK DD..... ENG.... India
    Feb 20, 2018
    National Team:
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  10. AsadRM Associate Cricketer

    PAK... LQ West Coast Wildcats
    Jun 1, 2019
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Lahore Qalandars
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  11. Master Bates Panel of Selectors

    Master Bates
    Fantasy Cricket Team PAK... RCB... NZ.... AUS.. CSK DD..... ENG.... India
    Feb 20, 2018
    National Team:
    @Aislabie how to get stats for no.11 in statsguru? It is difficult to find batsmen who have batted at 11. Can you help?
  12. Aislabie Black Belt in Statsguru

    Moderator PlanetCricket Award Winner Ireland
    Sep 3, 2010
    I helped by providing a list of literally every number eleven batsman in the index.

    That was why this took so long to get this set up
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  13. blockerdave ICC Chairman

    Aug 19, 2013
    National Team:
  14. Master Bates Panel of Selectors

    Master Bates
    Fantasy Cricket Team PAK... RCB... NZ.... AUS.. CSK DD..... ENG.... India
    Feb 20, 2018
    National Team:
  15. blockerdave ICC Chairman

    Aug 19, 2013
    National Team:
    is it number 10? I put in number 11. In which case you need to just change the query from 11 to 12?

    this tells you any player that batted ever at 11, and their record at 11.

    knowing that eg Chanderpaul batted once at 11 but is actually a good batsman shouldn’t require a query
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