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Please read the specific rules before making an ad.

- You may only post ads for your own players; advertising on someone else's behalf is not allowed.
- You may advertise each player only once per transfer period. If a player fails to sell you may re-advertise.
- In addition to the player's skills, you may provide a link to the player as well as any further useful information about the player. However, do not make grandiose or untrue claims about your player's abilities.
- You may bold useful skills of the player, but do not use large font or bright colors.
- If advertising more than one player at a time, please include all players within the same post.



Western Wanderers >> Troy Cornelius >> Details
Player Details
Team Western Wanderers Talents Gifted (Bowling)
Bats Left hand batsman Bowls Right arm Wrist spin
Wage $4,201 Rating 32,900
Nationality Bermuda Bermuda Age 22
Form reasonable Fatigue rested
Experience dreadful Captaincy atrocious
Endurance average Training Bowling Technique
Batting poor Bowling accomplished
Technique reliable Power poor
Keeping poor Fielding average
Player Link

Western Wanderers >> Dayavira Sreevijayan >> Details
Player Details
Team Western Wanderers Talents Gifted (Batting)
Bats Right hand batsman Bowls Right arm Medium
Wage $4,592 Rating 33,360
Nationality India India Age 24
Form capable Fatigue rested
Experience poor Captaincy dreadful
Endurance reasonable Training Batting Technique
Batting expert Bowling dreadful
Technique reliable Power ordinary
Keeping dreadful Fielding average
Player Link

Both listed at 100k...
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Why don't we just use the transfer thread for all these types of threads (Valuations, Wanted players, Transfer Ads)

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