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  1. sachinisgod International Cricketer

    Aug 13, 2004

    This is the place where you can post your records made using gold639's AI patches and stake a claim to greatness! Let us all know about your great achievements in C2K4.

    The records can be of any type and any level as long as they are specified and as long as the records seem to be meaningful to other members. Absurd records seldom hold value for other members.

    New records should be accompanied by screen shots (preferably the in-game Hall Of Fame) so that unnecessary doubts will not be raised regarding your records.

    Also please ensure that the subject of the thread conveys the type of the record adequately and while posting a record, please check the forum to find out if you've beaten an existing record or not.

    So, enjoy the game and let us know how well do you play it!!!


    The Hall of Fame will carry the list of the present record bearers (Hard Level) in some fixed categories.

    Here is the roll of honour for this forum:

    Fastest ODI 50: saisrini80 : 15 Balls (Ajit Agarkar)
    Fastest ODI 100:
    Fastest Test 50:
    Fastest Test 100:
    Highest Individual score (test):
    Highest Individual score (ODI):
    Most runs off an over:
    Highest Team score (test):
    Highest Team score (50 overs):
    Highest Team score (20 overs):
    Highest Team score (10 overs):
    Best Bowling (Test):
    Best Bowling ODI (50 overs):
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