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    Big Ant Studios and Home Entertainment Suppliers have announced that the successor to Don Bradman Cricket 14 will be released in December 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    The announcement focuses on today’s release of the Don Bradman Cricket Academy, allowing users to create players for Don Bradman Cricket 17, and take a first look at some of the new creation features in the game.

    Don Bradman Cricket 17 features a new lighting system that creates the most true-to-life characters yet, photo realistic skin tones, and 30 per cent more controls than in the predecessor for gamers to further refine their players. For the first time, gamers will be able to give their players tattoos enabling them to recreate their cricketing heroes and local club into the game with complete precision for the first time. Importing cricket players from the previous Don Bradman Cricket title also allows a seamless transition to the new Don Bradman Cricket 17 game for veterans making the upgrade.

    Ross Symons, CEO of Big Ant Studios, said, “The first Don Bradman Cricket got us off to a great start, providing players with an authentic, exciting game of cricket that allowed them to feel like they were standing in the middle of the oval, right on the pitch. Now, we’re taking that realism further with the advanced new engine we have developed this year. The impending release of the Don Bradman Cricket Academy will give players a taste of just how far things have come.”

    The Academy will also give gamers a sense of what the final Don Bradman Cricket 17 will look and feel like with its new engine, as Big Ant Studios will continue to update the application in the lead up to the big release, including the addition of playable content.

    AcademyScreens_0000_AllanbyTorso AcademyScreens_0001_Allanby AcademyScreens_0002_Ikeda AcademyScreens_0003_Haiti AcademyScreens_0004_Iverson AcademyScreens_0005_Smith

    Stay tuned to PlanetCricket for further announcements about features coming to the Academy and DBC17!

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    The long awaited “Patch 3” is now available for users playing Don Bradman Cricket 14 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The patch contains among many other things, the addition of co-op play, both on and offline, as well as adding some additional shots to the game and some tweaks to career.

    Owners of the game on PS3 and Xbox 360 can get the update by connecting their consoles to the internet and launching the game – which should prompt you to update the game. The easiest way to tell if you’ve got it is to just go to start a casual match and see if you can put more than one controller on either side.

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    Since Kevin Pietersen was axed from the England set up last year, it seems hardly a week goes by where he doesn’t register his interest in being back in the side. He has repeatedly said he was disappointed at being left out and that he’d love to play international cricket. “I’m desperate to play for England again,” he divulged after nailing a triple century for Surrey.


    Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  NAPARAZZI

    Even that wasn’t enough, and it looks increasingly unlikely that he’ll enter the fold once more before his career comes to an end. The worst part is, it wasn’t even Pietersen the cricketer that was the main cause, rather his status as an antagonist and likely some of the things he opened up about in his autobiography. It’s hard to see an athlete suffer because there are people who potentially don’t agree with him outside of his performances.

    England come into the next Ashes series as major underdogs – when this article was produced, betfair have the Aussies 1.15 on to retain the urn – and a lot of that is down to a lack of firepower.  As the saga continues it’s likely to get more hostile. To counteract that, we’re going to remember KP in a more positive light by looking at some of his finest moments in the country’s whites.

    Becoming England’s top run scorer

    In August of 2013, Pietersen really found his moment to become England’s top run scorer across all forms of the game. He hammered home a century in the third Test of the Ashes against Australia and edged past Graham Gooch. That’s an enormous moment for anybody but the style the South Africa born batsmen did it in just made it even more special.

    The Ashes 2005

    KP always seemed to find form when it mattered and he picked out his biggest innings when the pressure was on. As a relative newcomer to the England team in 2005, people weren’t expecting to rely on him so heavily. They had to though. Pietersen came through the series as one of the key players. He top scored the first two innings after some shaky batting from his teammates, and followed it with a vital 72 in the second Test.

    He really came to prominence again in the second innings of the final Test and put in a heroic performance that pretty much gave England victory. His first Test century came as he closed out at 158 with seven sixes and earned himself Man of the Match as well as making him the top run scorer of the Ashes with 473.

    ICC number one ranked batsman

    Kevin Pietersen by nic_r, on Flickr

    Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  nic_r

    The 2007 World Cup really saw the realisation of Pietersen as a dominant international force. Though England weren’t ultimately going to be successful, failing to reach the semi-finals, KP
    became the ICC’s number one ranked ODI batsman
     after innings that included a century against West Indies, 104 off 122 against Australia, and useful contributions against New Zealand, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Ireland. Again, it was the big stages and the bigger encounters that really forced him to deliver. Any team would have loved to have him swinging for six high up on their order – being cemented as the best in the world really secured that notion.

    Outside of these specific instances that showed his class, Pietersen was also partly responsible for bringing a whole new generation into the sport. His bullying style of batting was entertaining, the boundaries always flowed and there was never a boring innings. Though he was prone to lapses in concentration and spells of inconsistency, most of the prodigious talents across all sports have been.

    Let’s remember him for the amazing innings and thank him for the contributions. Don’t resign him to a place in history where he’s not one of England’s greatest ever, because he is. Even an unfriendly face in his former captain Andrew Strauss admitted that.

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    Big Ant Studios have announced that the first of the incremental patches for users of the Steam version of the game will launch today.

    The biggest new feature is the addition of co-op play, this patch will only add an option for two players (either online or locally) versus the AI, with future ones to add co-op against human players, but it is a chance for those who have been hanging on for co-op to at least take a look at the direction things are headed.

    While multiplayer online co-op isn’t yet included, Big Ant have mentioned that improvements to online play are part of the patch. This is really something that we will only get a better picture of once the patch is out there and people who have had problems playing in the past can give it another go.

    The smallest change is perhaps the most important one however. A simulate button has been added to career mode, saving players from having to enter the pause menu to simulate, but more importantly, it also allows you to simulate when your batsman is off strike. Certainly I find myself running out the AI trying to push for a single to get back on strike, so this button will come in handy when I’m playing.

    Another career mode change is the addition of a difficulty option – letting you directly pick your career difficulty, rather than the previous and varying attempts at the automatic changing of difficulty at various points of your career.

    This is all however just a start of the process, the first of what will likely be many updates as part of the process of working towards patch 3 – no details are yet available on what the focus of the next update will be, or when that will launch, but PlanetCricket will bring you details as soon as we know.

    Just a quick note again for those on consoles – you won’t get these small updates. On PC, Big Ant can directly and immediately update the game, which lets them quickly make changes and fixes and send them to users. On consoles that process is more difficult, and requires the console maker to test and approve the updates first. Because of that, those on console (that means PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One users) will simply get the one update at the end of this process – termed “Patch 3”.

    As we don’t know how many of these smaller updates will happen first, we have no estimate on when the final patch will release on consoles, but it is coming, and the feedback and testing that can happen on PC right now will improve the finished product.

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    While we have had previous confirmation of Big Ant Studios working on a sequel to Don Bradman Cricket 14, today their official twitter account has dropped the first confirmation that the sequel will release in 2016 into a reply,

    The previous confirmation came through a Digitally Downloaded interview with Big Ant CEO Ross Symons – where he highlighted major features such as a new Stadium Creator. Posts on our forums also make mention of priorities like major improvements to the commentary in the game. With little else known at this point, a wishlist thread for the next edition is here, if you’d like to give your thoughts on what you would like to see.

    The tweet also makes mention of the imminent launch of new updates for Don Bradman Cricket 14, with those being previously announced on the PlanetCricket Forums, along with an update for Xbox One specific issues.

    As with previous updates to DBC, the PC version of the game will get a lot of smaller updates first, letting Big Ant test and get feedback for the changes. After that process is finished, a finalised “Patch 3” will then go through the submission process for a release to the console versions –  which means Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 all getting one big update containing everything that will be in all the smaller updates.

    There aren’t specific details yet regarding what fixes and features will be included in the final Patch 3, however following along with the PC updates will fill in the picture as we go, plus there’s the known addition of Co-Op play to the game, which will allow two players to play on the same team against local or online opponents.