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Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by MattW, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. MattW Administrator

    YJKW . PCPL Saints Big Ant
    Jan 12, 2006
    National Team:
    Melbourne, Australia
    In signing up to become a member at PlanetCricket you agree to adhere to the rules below.
    1. Language
    All posts must be made in English and text speak is not allowed. Reasonable grammar is expected from all members so your opinion can be made more clearly. Do not try to get your point across by excessive use of capitals, large fonts or different coloured text.

    2. Inappropriate Language & Behaviour
    Swearing is discouraged on the forum, a swear filter is in place if you attempt to swear and please do not attempt to avoid it. Do not target other members or otherwise attempt to provoke a reaction out of them. You will be expected to behave in a responsible manner and be respectful to all other members of the community.

    3. Content
    The content you post is your responsibility, you shall not knowingly post false or misleading information and you shall not provoke, support or incite racial, social, sexual, and/or religious discrimination. We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation.

    4. Plagiarism
    Do not attempt to pass off other peoples' work as your own. Obtain permission from the owner of the content prior to posting it.

    5. Illegal Activities
    PlanetCricket does not allow the discussion of illegal activities, including but not limited to, asking for or posting pirated material or the posting details of how to obtain said material, or encoraging the piracy of cricket games or other material.

    6. Posting Standards
    You agree to not spam the forums with posts that have no value such as a succession of smilies, blank posts, etc. Posts should be well thought out, relevant to the subject matter and of good quality.

    7. Advertising
    Advertising other websites is prohibited without the prior consent of the admin team. Use of signatures to link to your own download, graphics, story or cricket based game thread is encouraged, however use of forum private or visitor messaging or the mention/user tagging system for promoting content is unacceptable.

    8. Accounts
    You are allowed one account and only one user may use an account, multiple accounts will be deleted and the user dealt with as deemed appropriate by the staff. Usernames, including changes, must not be offensive or misleading. We reserve the right to take action against any account at any time.

    9. Avatars & Signatures
    All other policies are applicable to your Avatars and Signatures. Avatars can be up to 40kb in size and 100x100 in dimension. Signatures are split into two categories: Images and Text: images may be up to 90kb and take up a total screen area of 300x100. A reasonable amount of text below the image is also allowed - as judged by the staff. Signatures without an image can be around 6 lines high, however font sizes should not exceed the default.

    10. Thanks System
    Users are not to message others to get them to thank posts or give reputation, in download, graphics or story threads, users can ask users to thank posts if they appreciated the content, but not to suggest that they need to reach a certain number before doing something.

    11. Reporting Posts
    This system is in place to stream-line how quickly staff deal with problems. Please use the system with respect and do not attempt to deal with problems yourself. Members are strongly discouraged from telling others what to do and acting like moderators.

    12. Staff
    All members of staff shall be treated with respect and their decisions respected. Contact an administrator if you have a problem with a staff decision, do not post about it in public. Most importantly, we are here to help you enjoy your time at PlanetCricket.
  2. Rebel2k17 Administrator

    Jan 3, 2010
    Just a reminder of this rule to everyone. Please make sure all the posts are in English. Hindi/Urdu profile posts have been on the rise from some time now which has to stop. Any further such posts from now on will receive repeat offense warning which will result in instant ban of 15 days. Thanks.
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