Cricket 19 FAQ

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As of 29th May 2019 (Work in progress) (If you have a FAQ that you feel should be or could be added to the list then PM me!)

Is the Xbox version up to date?

No it is a release build:a patch bringing it online with the PS4 version is being processed. There is no indication how long this might take.

Is the Switch version up to date?
No. See above.

When will the patches release?
This is not known and is dependent on the platforms themselves.

What are the latest version numbers?

Will there be a PC/Steam version?

When will that be releasing?
As of now, unknown although at the start of the Ashes in August has been mentioned.

Are there licensed BBL teams or other domestic teams?

Is the coming World Cup licensed in the game?
No but you can play a world championship based on the schedule.

Where do I find the custom teams or players of user x/y/z?
You will need to have their username. Some users have not released their downloads yet. Others have. There are threads where more info can be found. Constantly asking for releases or requests is frowned upon.

What are the user names of excellent custom downloads? (Can be found in the in-game academy) (Please PM me if I am missing someone or got something wrong here!)

Custom players and teams: Friedlele, mASteR_edIToR,

Retro teams: mouseydread, gleeso73, mrdconnors

Stadiums: Ramz950, gleeso73

Scenario's: AliF333, dcgate

What is the meaning of life?
As you would expect opinions vary on this. Personally, being happy and trying to make others happy is right up there. Except when I am moderating Planet C. Then I like to cause misery.
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