Planetcricket Awards 2010 – Day 6

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    Welcome to the sixth and final day of the PlanetCricket 2010 Awards. Today we will be announcing Best Cricket Moment of the Year, Best Series/Tournament, Best Cricket Game, Best Post Contributor, Best Cricket Game Download Maker

    We begin with Best Cricket Moment of the Year, which turned out to be a one sided affair voting wise

    Best Cricket Moment of the Year

    1. Sachin Tendulkar Scoring 200 not out in an ODI  75.4%
    2. Tamim Iqbal’s Test Century at Lord’s  10.5%
    3. Lords Ashes Test  7.0%

    Staying with actual Cricket, we move onto the best series/tournament of the past 12 months. Many contenders but the oldest series of all came out on top and results are as follows


    Best Series/Tournament

    1. The Ashes  30.4%
    2. IPL  27.0%
    3. T20 World Cup  23.5%

    Next we move onto Best Cricket Game. There have actually been some new releases this year meaning some competition for EA Cricket 07. But I guess with the release of my ODI and test bowling patches have meant 07 remains on top for another year

    Best Cricket Game

    1. EA Cricket 07  35.9%
    2. Ashes Cricket 2009  27.2%
    3. International Cricket 2010 17.5%

    Next is the highly coveted Best Cricket Game Download Maker. Many members make great downloads to extend the life of many cricket games and the voting was tight in this closely fought contest

    Best Cricket Game Download Maker

    1. Ahad  34.1%
    1. AbBh  34.1%
    3. Kabooka  17.0%

    Finally we come to the most prestigious award of all, Best Post Contributor. This member makes constructive, thoughtful and helpful posts and is always someone whose posts you want to read

    Best Post Contributor

    1. Mark  35.9%
    2. User2010  21.7%
    3. Owzat  14.1%

    So that concludes the Awards for another year. Thanks to all who voted and congratulations to all our winners.

    We are still in process of finalising the prizes for our winners, who will be contacted soon advising how to claim their prize

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