The Art of Cricket Releases First Alpha

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    Today The Art of Cricket makes it’s first release, that of a ‘net session’ style preview alpha. The game is far from complete at this stage, but as discussed in PlanetCricket’s interview with the developers, the alpha release is an important step in getting the game back on the right path.

    Particularly important from the interview is this question answering what is in this alpha:

    LM: Well, it was really hard to ‘get back into the swing of things’….I’d forgotten the logic behind most of my code (hehe) so had to re-educate myself.  Also had some stark realisations about what we had done well and what we had done badly.  Suddenly the overall direction for the game became much clearer.  The Alpha (0.1 as we have coined it) is not so much an Alpha as a teaser, which consists pretty much of what we have been testing with these days.  It’s a rough build containing a bowler and a batsman in the stadium (Lords).  You will bowl with the bowler and bat at the same time.  No fielders, no wicket keeper, no umpires.  Whilst we had almost completed much of that stuff before, we felt it better to leave it out for this release just to focus on the core batting and bowling, in a practice environment without any pressure.  The purpose of this first build is to give people a rough sense of the controls and some of the great work we have done with physics, in particular with the stumps (some nice surprises there!), also to showcase some of JK’s amazing new animations.  It is also to prove that we are serious about actually giving something tangible to the community for once.

    jkartik: Mind you, this is Alpha 0.1 and not a full Alpha. We had to disable a lot of the features and gameplay options as most of them were incomplete / half baked. This version is to only display the best we have with us atm. The most difficult part has been getting used to the engine, codes, how it all functioned etc.  To draw an analogy, it’s the same as returning to any sport after a long hiatus.This alpha will Include 5 Defensive Shots and 5 Front-Foot Groundstrokes for the Batting.  The bowling will include a Fast Bowler, Pace Variations, Swing and Seam options to play around with. This version is more of a Teaser than a demo really. We were always criticized for being selfish and not releasing anything. Hence, we are literally starting everything from scratch,  Just to get it out there, release something and let people know we are serious and here to stay.

    The alpha is available for download from the following link (please note the server might be a bit slow in the initial rush for the file):

    Download TAOC Alpha 0.1

    Discuss this alpha and more about The Art of Cricket in the TAOC forum…

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