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    I’d like to place a moratorium on the use of this word.

    The last straw? Australian coach Tim Nielsen describing the forthcoming match against India as a “mini-grand final”. Indeed, it is one of the more important matches in the tournament without being the most important, but I would previously have figured that the term “quarter final” covered that perfectly.

    Clearly, I was wrong. I understand now that words that don’t have “mini” appended to them are worthless. To go with existing “mini-battles”, “mini-collapses” and of course “mini-grand finals”, we could call ODIs “mini-Tests”, tailenders could be mini-batsmen and fours could be “mini-sixes” (DLF Mini-Maximums, for you IPL fans).

    “Mini” is evidently a more popular term than “carve”, “smear”, “smite”, “elegant”, “jaffa”, “targeting”, “underdog”, “minnow”, “choke” and even “tracer bullet” on cricinfo. This is a ninja among clich├ęs, which I guess is obvious as mini can easily hide in small spaces. Before you know it, captains will be lamenting their failure to execute mini-plans and mini-skills.

    No! Enough is enough. We must revolt.

    We can’t burn the lexicon and write it anew, but we can shake our pitchforks disapprovingly. If we abstain from this infectious prefix, maybe we can save future generations from its blight. There is still hope for them. Mini-hope.

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