3rd Test, day 2: Warner scores 180 as the Baggy Greens edge closer

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    We still have the lead in place and only 6 wickets stand between us reclaiming the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.
    The batting was a bit of an anti-climax today as the total settled at 369, which is a very good total but when you consider David Warner (180) and Ed Cowan’s (74) 214 run partnership, only 155 runs came as the final 10 wickets fell.

    The boys still have the lead by 120 runs and although Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli have put up a fight to claw the Indian innings back into a, somewhat, stable position, it would seem that 3-0 is just a day away.


    369 all out
    David Warner 180 (159 deliveries, 20 fours, 5 six, 113.20 SR), Ed Cowan 74, Peter Siddle 30

    The reason I put Peter Siddle’s score of 30 there is simply because the batting collapse was dreadful after that awesome partnership between David Warner and Ed Cowan.
    Pedro has shown plenty of resistance when called in to bat and his fight was admirable but the psychological advantage was just lost a bit with our middle order collapse.

    Shaun Marsh, Ricky Ponting and even David Warner all played very loose shots to get dismissed and I think this can be owed to the fact the lead was in place.
    Perhaps that dominance with our opening duo put the match situation on quite a high for the boys that they just became a bit careless.
    I don’t fault David Warner for his shot as The Pitbull was just playing the way he wanted to. He had done the job for us and the platform was set for the middle order who didn’t capitalise.
    This was very dissapointing and the mind-set seemed similar to the Newland’s Test match when South Africa were bowled out for 96. The boys had the lead and were careless with their batting feeling that they were in an untouchable position.
    Okay, this is slightly different given we are 2-0 up and India’s confidence is shot but I just it was a similar psychological dynamic

    To only manage a lead of just over 200 was very disappointing from our batsmen but it was still a substantial lead to really keep India on the back foot and ensure that if they want to win this, it’s going to require more than a return of confidence.

    The positives remain that that opening partnership was brilliant between Warner and Cowan.
    Closing in on 200 runs, Warner opted for us “naturally aggressive” game and I can understand why he tried to give it his everything in an attacking manner given his back and left elbow were giving him issues.
    Imagine if he’d been 100% with body? I reckon we would have seen him motor his way to 200, although it must be said that he didn’t exactly go about his business conservatively by any means.
    A few wild swing and misses were also patched up with crisp, hard hitting boundaries.

    I am mighty proud of him every time he takes to the field for the Baggy Greens and to score your second Test century (a big one!) in only your 5th Test match is an unforgettable achievement!

    He’d done the job and was understandably keen to try reach that milestone in a memorable manner. I have continued to maintain my confidence in his ability opening the batting for Australia.
    Sylvester, who also contributes at the blog, and I have had a few discussions and strongly feel that we have the right top three batsmen. Shaun Marsh just needs some fortune to go his way and tighten his game without being distracted by the game map before him, but Ed Cowan and Warner really are a good combo.

    I felt we needed that aggressive/cautious duo which I pointed out in an article during November 2011.
    For this reason, knowing both of these blokes were picked on current form and ability, I just felt they were correct. Glad we finally saw something special. It really was a splendid effort.
    There was even some “bromance” going on out there and the last time I saw an opening duo show such delight and enthusiasm within their achievements was the Haydos/JL partnership.

    It was positive batting and dominant batting where both guys went about their natural game which naturally complimented their respective roles.
    I am gutted Ed Cowan couldn’t get his century after applying himself so well but he just played a loose drive and didn’t get the line spot on. Was a good delivery though and even though it was a chance of that maiden-century gone, Ed had done the job and I can’t wait to see more from him. Excellently done!
    Saying that, I also look forward to more partnerships from the two of them.

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