Player Editor Released for International Cricket 10 (Xbox 360)

  1. Article by: Posted: 24th January 2012 In: Cricket Games, Cricket Games News Replies: 1 comment

    Goods news for Xbox 360 owners of Codemaster’s International Cricket 10 as an Editor has now been released.

    Admin barmyarmy has released his beta 0.2 Player Editor which now allows easy access to all player’s stats, including importantly the licensed team players of England and Australia.

    This Editor allows you to assign as many points to batting, bowling and fielding as you like, overriding the ingame points limit. You can (especially for licensed players) edit the player name under certain conditions as well as alter aspects of headwear, bowler and batting arm, bowler type etc

    To use the Player Editor, you need to extract the player database details found in this thread.

    Many thanks to barmyarmy for this efforts, and hopefully this will open up the game for 360 owners with many restrictions now lifted. This is one of hopefully two editors to be announced for this game. The other editor is undergoing final testing and Planetcricket hope to bring your further exciting news later this week




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