Playstation Magazine previews Big Ant Cricket 14

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    BigAntThe world is waking up to Big Ant’s Cricket 14 after the disappointing delay announcement by Ashes Cricket. Playstation Magazine are the first to spread the news basing their article on the unprecedented interaction and information given to Planetcricket by Big Ant CEO Ross Symons:


    “Cricket 14 preview: why Ashes 2013 may soon be bowled out

    Still making Ian Bell’s I’ve-just-edged-to-slip-AGAIN face over Ashes Cricket 2013 being delayed? Then you’ll be excited to hear that another willow-waving effort is about to emerge from the dressing room. Step forward Big Ant Studios’ Cricket 14.

    Cricket 14 release date

    The PS3 release in the studio’s home territory of Australia is “due before Oct 2013″ although the game will also play on UK machines thanks to the console’s lack of region locking.

    And here’s the Ishant Sharma-sized biggie: it’s the first console cricket game to feature a full-on career mode…

    Symons repeatedly presses home that this is a product he feels invested in personally as well as professionally. That level of dedication gives us high hopes that Big Ant can spin a winner.”

    You can read the full article here and see all the information and screens about the game on our portal.



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