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  1. Released on Steam on November 22nd, withdrawn from sale on the 26th and then being cancelled on the 28th, Ashes Cricket 2013 made headlines around the world for its bug filled representation of cricket. In a statement announcing the cancellation, publisher 505 Games said that the game “couldn’t meet the quality benchmarks of either us, […]

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  1. Article by: Posted: 26th May 2016 In: Cricket Games News Replies: 12 comments

    Big Ant Studios and Home Entertainment Suppliers have announced that the successor to Don Bradman Cricket 14 will be released in December 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The announcement focuses on today’s release of the Don Bradman Cricket Academy, allowing users to create players for Don Bradman Cricket 17, and take a […]

  2. Article by: Posted: 24th December 2015 In: Cricket Games News Replies: No comments

    The long awaited “Patch 3” is now available for users playing Don Bradman Cricket 14 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The patch contains among many other things, the addition of co-op play, both on and offline, as well as adding some additional shots to the game and some tweaks to career. Owners of […]

  3. Article by: Posted: 5th June 2015 In: Cricket Games News Replies: 8 comments

    Big Ant Studios have announced that the first of the incremental patches for users of the Steam version of the game will launch today. The biggest new feature is the addition of co-op play, this patch will only add an option for two players (either online or locally) versus the AI, with future ones to […]