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Downloads Help

  1. Tutorials on Installing Patches/Updates:

    Having trouble installing patches/updates? Here you will find all the help you need to install new patches and to enhance your experience with Cricket 2002.


    EA Sports Cricket 2002

    Winzip ver 8.0 and above.Get it here

    Winrar ver. 2.90 and above. Get it here

    Now that we have sorted that out let’s move on.

    Installing Kits/Uniforms:

    Team Uniforms or Team Kits can come in three types: EXE files, .zip files or .rar files.

    1.With EXE files you simply have to run the exe and select your path of Cricket 2002 for Example: x:\program files\ea sports\cricket2002

    2.If its in a .zip file use Winzip to access the files and then “extract” all the files by clicking on the extract button.In the Extract window that appears you must “check”(select) the ‘use folder names’ and ‘extract all’ boxes.You must extract the files to the correct directory for the new kits to be installed.It must be your cricket 2002 path followed by \data\gfx\uniforms\<country name> where <country name> stands for the team or country of whose kits you are updating.For example:

    x:\program files\ea sports\cricket2002\data\gfx\uniforms\india.

    Following is the list of team names in the game(these must be used exactly as they appear below)

    Australia: australi
    Bangladesh: bangldsh
    England: england
    India: india
    Kenya: kenya
    New Zealand: nzealand
    Pakistan: pakistan
    South Africa: safrica
    Scotland: scotland
    Sri Lanka: srilanka
    West Indies: windies
    Zimbabwe: zimbabwe
    All Star Team: all star
    HB Studios Team: hbstudios
    AT Aus: ATaus
    AT Eng: ATeng
    AT Win: ATwin
    AT Nzl: ATnzl
    AT SAF: ATsaf

    3. If the kit is in a .rar file then the procedure is the same as above except that you have to use Winrar instead of Winzip.

    Installing New Faces:

    Faces are pretty simple to install. Just view the .zip or .rar file using Winzip or Winrar respectively and extract the face files(01.png, o2.png and so on) to your <c2002 directory>\data\gfx\faces\<team>

    Here <c2002 directory> is your complete cricket 2002 path(for example, x:/program files/ ea sports/cricket 2002) and <team> is the team for which you want to install new faces. You should get a prompt asking you if you would like to overwrite the current files, just say “yes”.