1. Post Awards

    Medals awarded to quality posts

    1. Great Contributor

      Awarded for making a great posts on the forums!

    2. Superb Contribution

      Awarded for making an outstanding contribution to the site! Thank you!

    3. The PlanetCricket Ribbon

      Awarded for helping make PlanetCricket a great place to visit!

    4. The Cricket Ball Ribbon

      Awarded for contributions to the Cricket Chat section of the site! Keep talking cricket!

    5. Great Thread!

      Awarded for starting a great topic that has resulted in lots of discussion or is helpful to others!

    6. Helpful Poster

      Awarded for making posts that help other members!

    7. Thank You

      Awarded to thank you for a good contribution to the site!

    8. Artist

      Awarded for contributions in the Graphics Forum on PlanetCricket

    9. Conversationalist

      Awarded for keeping active on the forum though quality posts!

    10. Cricket 07 Creator

      Awarded for keeping Cricket 07 modding alive!

    11. Ashes Cricket Medal

      Awarded for making contributions on the Ashes Cricket Academy or modding the game.

    12. DBC17 Medallion

      Awarded for creations and contributions on DBC17 - either on the academy or by modding it.

    13. DBC14 Award

      Awarded for modding or academy work on DBC14.

    14. EA Cricket Mega Patch Team Member

    15. Monthly Quiz Winner

      Winner of PC Monthly Quiz

    16. Cricket 19 Medal

      Awarded for making contributions on the Cricket 19 Academy or modding the game.

    17. PlanetCricket Hall of Famer

      Lifelong contribution Award, voted by the PlanetCricket community. True legends of PlanetCricket!