cricket 22

  1. intisar.hasnain

    Bangladesh Squad 2022 faces

    Just started playing Cricket 22 yesterday. Is it just me or the previous Big Ant Games had better creation Academy. I mean features itself is fine but facial editing is very limited and to make these five players it took me the whole day. I don't know if these are better than the existing ones...
  2. Taha Khan 1

    Issue resolved (Cricket 22)

    I've created the Playface PSD file, but I can't upload it on the face model through PS5, Can someone be kind enough to post it(and tune it accordingly) to the face model through steam. Thanks PSD Link:
  3. Late-Cut

    The Illusionist's Cricket 22 Creations

    I made several Bangladeshi players if anyone is interested can download typing the username 'The Illusionist'. Some Bangladeshi players I created : Tamim iqbal, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudulla, Mominul Haque Liton Das, Afif Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Mahmudul Hasan Joy, Ebadat Hossain Naim Sheikh...
  4. wasteyouryouth

    Cricket 22 Bug Report Thread (Read first post)

    Please post your bugs and glitches in here. Platform: PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Series S/Series X/Switch/PC/ Game Version: Go to Settings > Credits in game and note the version number string in the bottom right. This is far preferable to the version number from the system UI. Game Mode: Play...
  5. PresidentEvil

    Cricket 22 - Frequently Asked Questions (Pre-Release)

    Hi, I found a lot of people asking same questions around this forum a number of times even though these were already answered by the members/Big Ant/Ross. So I decided to consolidate them in this thread for easy navigation Below are some of the questions with answers...
  6. wasteyouryouth

    Cricket 22: Information Round Up (Mike Merren interview added to first post)

    Big Ant info and related videos Interviews Cricket 22 New Features: Dev team run us through “Best cricket game ever” @passwordistaco interviews Big Ant...