1. P

    Verify signature

    I found this miniature cricket bat in a basement i was working in and was wondering if anyone could help verify who the signature is from.
  2. asprin

    Fantasy Byte Scoring System

    Taking inputs from the staff, the scoring system for Fantasy Byte has seen a complete overhaul and will feature in the upcoming release soon. I've made it to mimic Fantasy Cricket's scoring to a large extent along with new changes as well. With that in mind, this is how the new system will...
  3. Loubs

    Equity in Cricket report. Discrimination 'widespread' in English and Welsh cricket

    Quite damming being honest, sexism and racism in English cricket? How is equality here at Planet cricket?
  4. asprin

    Cricket 24 - General Discussion

    Cricket 24 will also introduce Pro Team, where gamers will be able to collect their favourite players from across the world and take to the field with their own cricket dream team, similar to the FIFA games series' Ultimate Team. First introduced in the popular Cricket 22 version, the KFC BBL...
  5. L

    IPL Indian Premier League 2022

    TATA INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE 2022 70 T20s + PLAYOFFS (Mar 26 2022 - May 29 2022) :right: SIGNUP HERE :left: SQUADS | FIXTURES :like: GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN :like: ShoutOut: @NILAYSHAH60 for single handedly updating all 10 Team Squads. :clap
  6. Manish.

    [Simulator] - The Hundred | V3.1 Released |

    Version 3.1 Feature and Changes More improved ratings to match pitch results. Added - Powerplay (1-25 balls) Added partnerships display Changed everything to The Hundred league standards. (Like players economy and RR per 5 balls) Improved bowler selections. A lot more... Credits to @Pinch...
  7. Manish.

    Matches Posted LIVE - Play Offs | The Hundred Simulation | The Final - The Crown gets crowned !

    RELEASED As the title says, The Hundred Ball league simulation. It will be in double round robin method. A franchise based league where managers can post their teams. Players auction, rules and other certain things will be decided by the number of final signups. Each team plays the other teams...
  8. Rahul H

    Cricket 19 in VR using VorpX

    Now we are almost in 2021 and we have a great game cricket 19...I just build a decent PC with RTX 3080 and bought Oculus Quest 2 and thinking to try it with VorpX but it's not free and there is no demo also to try out + it's a $40 software so please share your experience if you already tried it...
  9. asprin

    Simulation Kit : The Revival

    Some of you might be aware of my pet project, SimKit, way back in 2016-17. Though no longer functioning, it did me help understand the world of simulation and things alike. With that in mind, I've been working on something similar. This time around, I intend to not leave it an unfinished...
  10. E

    Virtual Cricket Roulette

    Hi, Play the latest online game - virtual cricket roulette. The latest installment from Edge Gaming combines realistic cricket action with the fun and simple gameplay of roulette.
  11. GentlePigeon

    Career Based Cricket game - Need beta tester

    I am currently developing a cricket game. The focus of the game is starting as a rookie, playing for small clubs and become a legend playing for your country (New Star Soccer Style). However I need some beta testers for my game as this is just an one-man project. Please reply to this thread if...
  12. M

    Who Will Win Today's IPL Match RCB vs KKR

    Hi, Friends Predict Who Will Win Today's IPL Match. Its Easy To Predict Because RCB is in Good Form