England- Meet the World Cup squad

26th July 2003

Elimination Game
West Midlands vs The Suns, Old Trafford

West Midlands: 169-5(20), Munday 46*(25), Vixen 3-23
Suns: 171-5(18.3), Dennis 49*(31), Ecclestone 3-19

The Suns win by 5 wickets
POTM: Alex Vixen

Cricket 22_20240606144233.jpgCricket 22_20240606144244.jpgCricket 22_20240606144253.jpgCricket 22_20240606144304.jpgCricket 22_20240606144314.jpg
30th July 2003

Losers Semi Final

East Midlands vs Red Rose, Edgbaston

Red Rose: 167-2(20), Short 75*(58), London 1-29
East Midlands: 168-4(17.1), Snow 87*(58), Charnock 2-23

East Midlands win by 6 wickets
POTM: Andy Snow

Cricket 22_20240606152521.jpgCricket 22_20240606152533.jpgCricket 22_20240606152542.jpgCricket 22_20240606152600.jpgCricket 22_20240606152610.jpg
30th July 2003

Qualification Match
East Midlands vs The Suns, Edgbaston

The Suns: 182-3(20), Black 71(50), Lowe 2-30
East Midlands: 183-2 English 65*(31), Rafferty 2-12

East Midlands win by 8 wickets
POTM: Richard Head

Cricket 22_20240606160512.jpgCricket 22_20240606160627.jpgCricket 22_20240606160642.jpgCricket 22_20240606160653.jpgCricket 22_20240606160704.jpg
England Provisional Squad for 2003 Niue and New Zealand World Cup and Pre-Tournament Training Camp
England’s 26 man squad for the World Cup and their Training Camp in Australia where there will be 3 intra squad friendlies and 2 friendlies against local club sides before England’s final squad of 18 is announced.

:c: Richard Head (East Midlands)
(VC) Alex Vixen (The Suns)
Richard Carolyne (Red Rose)
William George Charles (Not affiliated)
Peter Charnock (Red Rose)
Mark Crowe (Southern Coast)
Harold Davidson (The Northerners)
James Freshwater (East Midlands)
Julian Henman (Red Rose)

Anthony Hyams (Southern Coast)
Jonny Johnstone (The Northerners)
Jim Malick (Southern Coast)
Peter Matherson (Southern Coast)
Peter Mills (Red Rose)
Zaid Mohammad (The Northerners)
Eric Naismith (Red Rose)
Len Rafferty (The Suns)
Lawrence Rowntree (Red Rose)
Frank Rush (The Northerners)
Trevor Singh The Westerlands)
Omana Singh (East Midlands)
Graham Stanton (East Midlands)
Carl Stone (Home Counties)
Ronald Wellington (West Midlands)
Zachary Wilson (Red Rose)
Carl Wright (Southern Coast)
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Sky Sports to get full access to the England team

In a landmark announcement, Sky Sports have been given full access to the England team as it travels to Oceania for this year’s Cricket World Cup. The broadcaster already has exclusive TV broadcasting rights in the UK but they are willing to push out the boat in their content for it. This has led to the decision between Sky and the ECB to create a tv series like one that’s not been seen before in Cricket with camera crew being fly’s on the wall as the team tries to take on the world to be crowned champions in New Zealand and Niue starting off with their pre-match training camp in Canberra, Australia. As well as seeing every bit of drama and tension, the highs and lows and friendships of the squad as a whole as the tournament pressure and stress potentially starts to take their tolls on the players and coaching staff.
Meet The Team
Richard Head
Born: 4th November 1977, Nottingham
Role: All star all rounder and captain
Bio: Richard is the glue that holds this England team on and off the field be that with bat, ball or in the field. As well as, leading team bonding exercises and team night outs away from the cauldron of competitive cricket. He never gives up no matter the situation and always believes in giving 100% at every single opportunity no matter what, giving him the impression of a serious deep thinker type of person and making great use of his sport's pyschology degree. However his true love isn’t cricket, that his is wife Matilda and their only daughter 2yr old Bronwen.
Favourite food: Chicken Tikka Masala
Favourite Film: The Godfather
Favourite activity outside of cricket: Reading

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Alex Vixen

Born: 10th June 1976, Gillingham
Role: First-choice spinner and Vice Captain
Bio: Alex is the perfect right-hand man for Richard Head. He's a canny operator with the ball and often works in the shadows and is overlooked in his importance to the team. He's the calming influence in the England dressing room always putting his arm around people's shoulders when things get too much for them. His deep religious beliefs and his wife Jessica are the key pillars and anchors in his life and the things keep him going at the hardest of times. Alex's rise from almost poverty to international cricketer allows him to always know that some things are more important in life.
Favourite Food: Sunday Roast
Favourite Film: Back to the Future
Favourite activity outside of cricket: Golfing

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