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PC Monthly Bingo - June 21


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Apr 4, 2001
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Is it just me or does anyone else anxiously wait to see what zim comes up with every number reveal? :p
It’s obvious the days I have no time/idea what to post
“Today’s numbers have been called......” :D

Parth D

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Mar 27, 2014
  • NB - If I have posted multiple new numbers and next time I log in more than one member has complete row of numbers, the winner(s) will be determined by the earliest number that completed the row

I post numbers on same day in following order
  • 48
  • 34
  • 13
  • 4
3 members claim to have won

Member A winning number = 13
Member B winning number = 4
Member C winning number = 48

Member C wins as 48 was called first
So both get a million each or 500k?

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