Davison Cup 2023 - Coming soon - 1 team available

I don’t understand what this is, but I’m intrigued
New Feature highlights #1

Pitch types.

With the new season we will implement the following pitch types:

Flat- Batting advantage
Hard- Fast bowlers advantage
Normal- No advantage
Dry- Spin advantage

Before the season each team will decide their home stadium and pick their pitch type. They will use the pitch for all their home games. For the finals the matches will take place in Toronto on a Normal pitch so neither team has an advantage. This season each team will play one home and one away match so make sure to pick your teams accordingly.

tagging: @Na Maloom Afraad @Disharies @Till Valhalla @Paranoid Kendroid @mohsin7827 @Verified Enigma

Please let me know if you guys are interested in retaining your teams. I am thinking of limiting it to 6 teams still so if any of you are not interested there may be spots open.
Remember playing the first version of this, was pretty fun. Would be interested in taking a team if there are any vacancies.

Also WoC has completely twisted my perception of what the red orbs mean lol
Welcome back!
I don’t understand what this is, but I’m intrigued
Looks like there may be another team available if you're interested

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