Highest Individual Test Score and Highest Margin of victory!

Well, my scores definately aren't as big as some of the people on here, but my highest ODI score is 674 runs off 42 overs. Played as the World XI against the Classic XI (County difficulty). Gilchrist got the highest score with 186 runs off 40 balls. Will post some screenshots soon!
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186 off 40 balls!!! That's bloody amazing! Which level were you playing - Test, County, Village or Slog?
It was County difficulty. And here's the proof:


P.S. Sorry about the poor photo quality!
Oh God! I forgot all about my England vs. World XI match! I'll try and finish it off pretty soon. Currently at 5/1700+.
Test Match.

Test match b/w Pak and Aus at test level diffculty.


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In Village, I got 1621 all out and Graeme Smith got 771.

I bowled Bangladesh all out for 25, and instead of letting them bat again I bat and I'mon 893-1, Smith 506 not out. When the match is finished I'll take a picture of the summary, it wont be a very good picture but it's better than nothing.

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