Now Your Records Show With Every Post Of Yours!

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Aug 13, 2004
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Hey Guyz

Yes, now the fact that you hold a record worth mentioning in the Hall Of Fame of the Records Forums shall be shown to each and every member of this site with each and every post of yours.

If you own a record here in any of the sub-forums, in the categories mentioned in the Hall of Fame here, then just below your member id in every post you'll see a tag saying "Record Holder". That's to tell every one that you play C2K4 quite well enough! It's a hyperlink and by clicking on it you can find the corresponding Hall of Fame. e.g. check brad352's posts and his id on the left hand side of his posts.

So guyz if you have it in you to smash up some records then we'll be pleased to let the whole site know about it! C'mon fellas come out pouring with them whichever patch you play with. There's always the chance of breaking one or two records!


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