AWARDED [ODI Series] ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

I advise everyone to create 45 mins before first match... otherwise pre tourney injuries will screw you over
fantasy games will close 45 minutes prior to match starting time.

Match Start time​
Sign-ups/Subs close time​
14:00 IST​
13:15 IST​
10:30 IST​
09:45 IST​

No need to worry for Injuries, if any we'll add replacements accordingly.
How many subs will be enough for this whole world Cup event?
It's a 48 matches fantasy game.
50 subs is a fair number, I feel. Since the sub is only effective for that particular game, it defeats the purpose of having him there. Hence, more the subs, better it is
For future events, maybe you could change the system:

When you make a sub for a match, he stays in your lineup for all matches after that. That way, I think it's more tactical and less subs are required for big tournaments

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