PlanetCricket Battrick Cup S13 - Fixtures 2

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It's that time of the season again when the PlanetCricket Battrick cup is taking place. The new format is sure to bring a few surprises to the table with the mixed groups. Some of the top teams on PlanetCricket are competing for the honour of being named champion, so competition is sure to be fierce.

Group A

BFN Bombers v NSWdemons
HuntingTigers v Old Wulfs

Group B

Raiders Eleven v Baggie Blues
Tomb Raiders v Aussie Bombers

Group C

Verizon Java Kings v Spinners United CCC
Tassie Titans v Mental Blank

Group D

dare devils 11 v Bushwackers
Fighting Mongooses v Willow Wanderers CC

Group E

BEST Indies v TaxXI
Devilish Angels v Bong Rats

Group F

The Palab Tigers v Killers CC
Zolt11 v Figjam

Group G

Golden Warriors v Aamirs Rockers
Record Breakers v Offdrive

Group H

Tom Jones Enthusiasts v Livingston Lions
Bassline Batsman v Mean Machine

Just a reminder that the home team that must make the challenge, if they have not made it by Thursday, we ask that the away team make the challenge, there will be no postponement of games, if one team fails to make a challenge or arranges another friendly, they will forfeit the game. Please note that you have signed up for a championship which will run for 3 weeks minimum and upto 7 weeks for those reaching the final stages.

Challenges can be made anytime before that game, bar international one's which cannot be made on Sunday's or Monday's. Myself and WC will check the fixtures on Thursday to ensure that the game's are in place - but please do not hesitate to post if you have not challenged someone - if they are not, we will be in contact with the home team manager to try to correct this, but please on Thursday the away team should challenge there opponent in any case.

Good luck to all!
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