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Reserves System

Discussion in 'Fantasy Cricket' started by MattW, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Along with your main XI, you pick 5 'reserves' when playing PlanetCricket's Fantasy Cricket.

    These players are only able to be used to totally replace one of your starting XI - and you can only make three replacements across the whole of a Fantasy Cricket competition. Once you put in a reserve, you cannot return to your original choice, and you can't choose a different reserve for that position.

    The replacements also need to be of the right type for the position you want to place them in - so a bowler can't replace a batsman. A good tactic might be to have a wicketkeeper and four all-rounders as your reserves, another could be a combination of wicketkeeper-batsmen and bowlers.

    In Fantasy Cricket games for a single match, you'll need to select them, but there won't be an opportunity to make changes.

    In short:
    • There are 3 substitutions available in total across a FC competition
    • You cannot undo a substitution
    • You cannot replace a substitute with another one
    • You need a substitute of the right type to replace a player

    Also note from the scoring system:
    If you have a question about substitutions/reserves, ask below!
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