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[REUP] Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 PS2 PAL SLES52717 (2 old patches)

Discussion in 'Cricket Games General Chat' started by bothered, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. bothered School Cricketer

    Sep 16, 2005
    National Team:
    Nothing Special and a bit old school but why not (found my old ps2 disc)

    Brain Lara International Cricket 2005 PS2 PAL SLES52717 ONLY

    Original ISO md5 27B5E013D093D8B4B3CEEBA389C270D6
    in windows right click 3.21 GB (3,451,879,424 bytes)

    Apply only 1 patch to 1 ISO

    Patch 1)
    Using Grtspinner9 Roster 2008-09
    had to fix quite a few errors through hex for this to work properly
    merged with Lazy's editor 0.5 fixes

    Patch 2)
    Original 2005 Lazy's editor 0.5 fixes only

    Lazy_chesnut 0.5 Editor

    a)Make ISO (imgburn) of your original Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 PS2 PAL DVD
    check md5 matches
    b)Use ppf-o-matic3.exe to open your original untouched ISO
    c)Use ppf-o-matic3.exe to open your (ONLY 1) patch of choice (from patches folder)
    d)Apply patch (no need to tick/untick anything) maybe check md5 matches too
    e)Delete/backup 'BLIC2005 ps2 option file' if any -> Burn/Install/Boot CDVD (fast) depending on how you play -> Then Play

    Patched ISO md5
    Patch 1) 2008-2009 Teams-t ISO md5 B6DE9BAD9B26D5EB060C7FFD091453EF
    Patch 2) 2005 Lazy's 0.5ed ISO md5 26E6D63ABD0DE3B979611D81000E1E32

    IF you want to see some changes sooner go the cheat menu and type the following
    BOWLEDHIM........Unlock All Classic Matches
    STUMPED.............Unlock Classic XI Challenge
    GOODLENGTH.......Unlocks All Teams
    DOLLY..................Unlocks All Trophys
    GONEFORADUCK..Unlocks Classic Players
    SLEDGING............Unlocks Picture Gallery

    Q - Will you do graphics?
    A - No, I cant change any graphics as I don't know how to extract the png files from the tex files within the bag file within the dat file

    Q - Will you do an update for 2018?
    A - No. I'm not really a mad cricket fan so don't know enough about the teams as I do not have enough wisden (Da-dum). We cant change team names anyway so it will prob look naff (naff - showing my age should i use pang/pong/pingu/butt)

    Q - Will you do BLIC 2007 PS2?
    A - Well I can only convert people who have updated the BLIC 2007 PC database without patches which is prob not many as they all can patch teams and graphics which will mess up the PS2 version. I did do an old original one some time ago from a somebodies PC version but lost the files

    Q - His names actually not Muralitharan but Muralidaran
    A - Yeah I know but i've always seen it on screen as that so that's what we're replicating

    Q - ..but it even says on his birth certificate
    A - I know and frankly my dear...

    gnie ...and anyone else i've missed

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: ps2, pal, brian, lara, blic, 2005

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