FTP: Semi Offical Ranking Table


FTP World League Div 2 Champion S13
Aug 22, 2006
Leeds, Yorks, UK
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Funny thing is that I finished top of Div 2 last season so I should be the 7th best team but I'm ranked 11th and my team is improving faster than everyone else's as my main players are 20 years old along with Omara who's 19 :p

Dont worry hedger after this next season you'll be up in 7th. Easy.

Just remember the teams not taking part will lose out most as their division multiplier will take a battering whilest yours will improve at least 3 fold!!


ICC Chairman
Apr 23, 2009
NSW Australia
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haha, yeah. And the average age of my starting XI is 23.36 and the average age of my senior squad + Omara is 22.4.

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