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    Change squad numbers on downloaded players

    Hello. I’ve downloaded some of wasteyouryouth teams but I need to change some squad numbers? How do you do it? I can’t seem to find a way. Thanks
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    Women's Cricket

    Take that as a no? Hahaha
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    Women's Cricket

    Hello All, I’m sure recently someone said they were going to do the womens teams? Is anyone planning on doing any updates for the World Cup? Thank you. J
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    No Requests Waste's Boomer the Duck Memorial Creation Thread (All international teams shared | Pakistan domestic | Pak & Ind updates)

    Over the moon you are doing womens teams! Hope you can do some of the England players that they still haven’t faced scanned such as Sarah Glenn, Kate across and Freya Davies.
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    Cricket 19 - Ultimate Edition DLC Released

    Draft isn’t working for the me - if I select Birmingham Phoenix no international players pop up?
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    No Requests Direct to Vedio Designs | Academy ID: wasteyouryouth (Updated international teams)

    Thanks as always man! Are we far off updated county teams kits? Thanks
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    Requests Accepted Requests Thread *NOT For Requesting From Specific PC Users*

    Hello All, I know Women’s cricket isn’t as popular as the men’s game but I do enjoy playing the women’s side. is anyone able to do an update on the women’s teams? England and Australia only really as for example Sarah Taylor has retired and a number of players scanned for 2019 aren’t now in...