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May 24, 2017
Ok guys I have made a deal on fiverr with a studio to develop cricket team management style game with cricket captain style match play , I am thinking of keeping it remain T20 format only with 5 tiers of league from bronze , silver , gold ,diamond and platinum , you basically start the game with a team of 15 players who are randomly generated and then you start in the bronze league with 11 other teams which are AI controlled , so you win matches , get player cards to improve your team , get training points to improve your players etc , This is what I have in my mind , obviously the players stats will be saved and the match gameplay will like cricket captain style. Any other ideas will be highly welcomed , I am expecting a first playable version by June end. So any fresh ideas will be highly welcome , I am planning to release the game on IOS and Android as $5 one shot payment but will release the playable version for 1 season for free for PC users.
Here is the sneak preview

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Any ideas you would like to see in a cricket management games are highly welcome , I am over ambitious for this game and would probably be the only one to play this game after adding the features I wanted in cricket captain , so any feedback of the masses are highly welcome
My game is more inspired from Cricket Captain.
The graphics and players select menu everything reeks of old WCC 2. Obviously not as polished but you aren't fooling anyone here.
The graphics and players select menu everything reeks of old WCC 2. Obviously not as polished but you aren't fooling anyone here.
I am not the one developing it , I have outsourced the game if you have read my first post , If the studio which is developing the game is using WCC2 assets then so be it.(Personally I haven't played WCC2 so I don't know for sure) I have no problems with it as the core gameplay is cricket management style i-e users only controlling the management side and batting / bowling highlights will be shown like cricket captain.
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This is the formula I have used to generate player database to populate the 12X5=60 teams (5 tier league with 12 teams in each league.

Opening Batter 15%
Middle Order Batter 17%
Lower Order batter 12%
Keeper Batter 10%
Batting Allrounder (Medium Pace) 1%
Batting Allrounder (Wrist Spin) 1%
Batting Allrounder (Finger Spin 1%
Batting Allrounder (Fast Medium) 1%
Batting Allrounder (Fast) 0%
Bowling Allrounder (Medium Pace) 1.5%
Bowling Allrounder (Wrist Spin) 1%
Bowling Allrounder (Finger Spin 1%
Bowling Allrounder (Fast Medium) 1%
Bowling Allrounder (Fast) 0.5%
Genuine Allrounder (Medium Pace) 0.25%
Genuine Allrounder (Wrist Spin) 0.50%
Genuine Allrounder (Finger Spin) 0.50%
Genuine Allrounder (Fast Medium) 0.50%
Genuine Allrounder (Fast) 0.25%
Finger Spinner 9%
Wrist Spinner 7 %
Medium Pacer 10%
Fast Medium Pacer 7%
Fast Bowler 2%

Total % adds up to 100%
Attributes for batter are

Front foot , back foot , aggression , against swing , against seam , against cutters , against spin, concentration, power ,death over batting, power play batting

For fast bowlers ,
accuracy, pace , in swing , outswing, leg cutter , off cutter , seam , slower bowl , bouncer , new ball skill , death overs skill , aggression

For spinners ,
leg spin , off spin , doosra, arm ball , top spin , googly , middle over skills , death over skills , new ball skills , aggression

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