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Discussion in ' Central' started by harrisshahzad, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. ricky123 Guest

    stop posting the same thing again and again , :angry:
  2. hassan1823 Guest

    yes if someone could they would have
  3. rahul41555 Guest

    hi there
    i was just thinking if anyone can make a team called USA in wcexp patch if anyone can make just post in thanks.... :cheer:
  4. OllieWoods Guest

    Hmm opened up the ctm and had all players in there but no team name. Any ideas where that is? In the exe i couldnt find it either :wacko:
  5. nikhilverma Guest

    [Your Drive] :\My Documents\EA Sports\Cricket 2002\User\teams.tem
  6. OllieWoods Guest

    Bah only names there :o :huh:

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