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May 4, 2013
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Bowling in the career mode, is sooo toughhh. What do you guys do as a plan with the latest ps3 patch. I've got nothing. Just keep trying to bowl on the top of off stump and either bowl a yorker or an out swinger outside off stump. But in shield matches I get absolutely nothing. HELP!!


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Dec 27, 2016
I understand where you are coming from but ever since patch 3 bowling has become much more harder to get wickets even on rookie! I used to get loads of 5 wickets in a innings and 10 wickets in a match but since patch 3 as I said bowling is much harder to get wickets im a fast bowling all rounder and have like 47 wickets in 13 games not bad but it was double that before patch 3 I just bowl always at off stump with a good length varying my deliveries off cuter leg cutter cross seam out swinger in swinger straight seam also bowling bouncers and full deliveries bowling off stump line. In other words don't get to predicable mix up your deliveries go around the wicket change the field especially if a batsmen is doing really well like in real life this happens with cricket I love bowling fast and whilst you wont get loads of wickets like before patch 3 you will get wickets remember keep bowling that off stump line e.g Glenn McGrath but as a fast bowler also im a leg spinning all-rounder and I find that spinners are getting more wickets than the fast bowlers. Also in one day games and t20 games a s a fast bowler I bowl more full Yorker deliveries and get more bowled and LBW as the batsmen are more aggressive than the 4 day game. Batting is a timing thing mainly I normally play off the front foot watch the ball wait till the ball pitches then play the shot, use the practice match it will tell you your timing and foot placement. I hope this helps.
Patch 3!!!!? Did I missed something when did that come out?!


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Jun 10, 2021
I know this guide is 7 years old but I'll ask a question regardless. I'm having trouble getting the spin indicator to even get to the ideal line. I rotate the las 3 times but I only ever manage to get it halfway to the line (a rating of poor). Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or just useless. Does the speed of the rotation matter? What does it mean by "smoothly"? Thanks.

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