How do you rate Cricket Heroes?


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Mar 30, 2011
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I will give it a 4/5.
Surely the best cricket game I have played so far, although I can just hit one shot only. :p
The only reason not a 5/5 is the controls are so hard to get use to.

Someone should make a video tutorial or something.

Write your rating and give a valid reason for that rating also. :thumbs
This game is top notch and the best game by Miles in terms of gameplay and depth.
Yes it takes getting used to and is not State of the art graphics but what it offers is brilliant.


For four and a half dollars it is incredible value.
I haven't 'played' on cricket heroes, but used it for simming PCPL. I must say, from what I saw back then, I was quite impressed, particularly by Kurt's effort. Can't talk about the gameplay, but for Kurt's efforts alone, it deserves a 10/5.
The number of features we came across was incredible. Good luck with the project Kurt. :clap
Full marks... not for the game, but for efforts and new updates and for improvements in every day...
Digisim is such an impressive simulator. I was quite surprised to how well it presents everything.

Kudos to kurtkz, you truly deserve appreciation :thumbs

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