how ungratefull can a person be ?



now everyone knows the hard times indian cricket was going through , when gangully was made a captain of the team , the team which had lost players in the match fixing scandal , mainly jadeja ,azahar and mongia .

nobody trusted indian cricket anymore ,

so with a team of young new players and only one Ace bowler Srinath , gangully was given the task to bring back the glory to the indian cricket team , and which he did ,

he made men out of boys , players like ,sehwag ,yuvraj,zaheer,nehra,parthiv patel, harbhajan , kartik , irfan , all these players got a good chance cuz of gangully , or else before if anyone doesnt play well in one game , they drop him and never look back at him , same thing had happened to gangully , when in 1992 he got only one game to play ,and the selectors selected him in 1996 .

everybody is going Gaga over dravid and Chappel , how they are winning today , but from the inside , chappel and dravid both dont want gangully in the team ,

Yes this is right , this is the same chappel for whom gangully pleaded with the selectors to make him the coach , and this is the same dravid who once was dropped from the oneday team ,cuz of bad performance , but gangully brought him back , made him a keeper and still included him in the team ,

these are huge favours gangully has done to the team and to indian cricket ,

and these people are plotting to remove gangully ,


I agree with you completely ricky (for once!)
Chappel truely sucks.
Have a look at
Previously also Ganguly pretty much prooved that Chappel's accusitions were baseless.Ganguly's exclusion from the ODI squad can be justified,but how can you justify the fact that the selectors didnt even ring him up?
Also he has been included just for the 1st test and that too not as a batsman but as an allrounder.His performance in tests have been quite good in recent past.
Also he is doing excellently in domestic cricket.

There is definitely some politics going on over here.

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