Sign-ups International Cricket - Test, ODI, and T20I League 1991/2 and Onwards

West Indies - International Players - 1991/2

P.V.Simmons RM
C.L.Hooper OB
K.L.T.Arthurton SLA
J.C.Adams SLA
D.Williams (wk)
R.A.Harper OB
W.K.M.Benjamin RF
M.D.Marshall RF
A.C.Cummins RFM
C.E.L.Ambrose RF
C.A.Walsh RF
K.C.G.Benjamin RF
B.P.Patterson RF
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I'll stick with the Aussies, feel like selection will be more interesting with them
@ahmedleo414 @Neptune @CerealKiller @Alex Traceur

Am thinking an Australia tour of Zimbabwe, and an England tour of Pakistan might be the perfect place to start.
It fits in well with the existing schedule which I would like to stick to, but I plan to add extra tours so each team plays at least 2 Home and 2 Away series per season.
I will come up with a schedule for both tours and a list of players for managers to choose an XI for a Zimbabwe A and Pakistan A tour match after initial squads are chosen.
I think we will start with the T20s and ODIs so players can acclimatise for the Test series better.


Choose a 16 man Australia T20 squad for a tour of Zimbabwe.

@Alex Traceur

Choose a 16 man England T20 squad for a tour of Pakistan.


Choose a 16 man Zimbabwe T20 squad for your series with Australia.


Choose a 16 man Pakistan T20 squad for your series with England.
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We're playing T20 cricket?
Yes, I'd like to see how some of the older players do in T20s, this game allows you to play T20s but player ratings aren't official, this game is mostly for Tests.
The game has 4 levels of aggression for batting, the higher the scoring rate the more chance of being out.
I use the higher aggression levels for ODIs and T20s and scores work out well, a total of 200 is possible in a T20 and sometimes a batsman makes a hundred.
If it helps you choose a team, a defensive batsman who averages 30 in Tests can still average 20 at a strike rate of 120 in T20 cricket in this game.
Big hitters generally do better, a player like Javed Miandad will have a higher T20 average and strike rate than most.
T.M.Moody RM
M.E.Waugh OB
A.R.Border SLA
S.R.Waugh RM
G.R.J.Matthews OB
S.P.O'Donnell RFM
I.A.Healy (wk)
P.R.Reiffel RFM
S.K.Warne LBG
M.G.Hughes RFM
C.J.McDermott RFM
T.B.A.May OB
B.A.Reid LFM

Was an interesting experiment to select this team, probably need to drop some high profile players from the main 11 too
  1. G.W.Flower SLA
  2. A.D.R.Campbell
  3. A.J.Pycroft
  4. A.Flower (wk)
  5. A.C.Waller
  6. D.L.Houghton (wk)
  7. G.J.Crocker RMF
  8. I.P.Butchart RM
  9. E.A.Brandes RFM
  10. A.J.Traicos OB
  11. A.I.C.Lock RM
  12. K.J.Arnott
  13. A.H.Shah RM
  14. M.P.Burmester RM
  15. A.G.Huckle LBG
  16. D.H.Brain LFM
@ahmedleo414 @Neptune

Here is the schedule for the T20 series

Zimbabwe v Australia - T20I Series - 1991/2 - Series Schedule

1st T20I at Harare
2nd T20I at Bulawayo
3rd T20I at Harare
4th T20I at Bulawayo
5th T20I at Harare

Please choose your XIs for the following T20 match bearing in mind any injuries:

Zimbabwe v Australia - 1st T20I - at Harare - 1991/2

Pitch: 2 - Good Batting Wicket
Weather: 8 - Heavy Showers Forecast
Injuries: M.G.Hughes (thigh strain - 1 match), B.A.Reid (hamstring trouble - 1 match)


2 pace bowlers down with injury is harsh, you can call up an extra seamer to your squad as cover and have them flown in if you like.
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1. G.A.Gooch RM
2. I.T.Botham RFM
3. A.J.Stewart (wk)
4. G.A.Hick OB
5. D.I.Gower
6. A.J.Lamb
7. C.C.Lewis RFM
8. D.A.Reeve RMF
9. D.R.Pringle RM
10. P.A.J.DeFreitas RFM
11. M.A.Atherton
12. R.A.Smith
13. R.C.Russell (wk)
14. A.R.C.Fraser RFM
15. D.E.Malcolm RF
16. P.C.R.Tufnell SLA
Damn those injuries are ruthless, probably allows us to embrace full bat deep tho. I shall bring in M.R.Whitney as temporary cover

1. M.E.Waugh
2. T.M.Moody RM
3. D.M.Jones
4. A.R.Border
5. S.R.Waugh :c:
6. S.P.O'Donnell RFM
7. I.A.Healy (wk)
8. P.R.Reiffel RFM
9. S.K.Warne LBG
10. C.J.McDermott RFM
11. M.R.Whitney LF

Is it possible for only the 6 bowlers I listed to have a bowl?
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