Sign-ups International Cricket - Season 1991/2 and Onwards

  1. G.A.Gooch RM
  2. A.J.Stewart (wk)
  3. N.Hussain
  4. G.A.Hick OB
  5. R.A.Smith
  6. A.J.Lamb
  7. M.W.Gatting RM
  8. N.H.Fairbrother
  9. I.T.Botham RFM
  10. C.C.Lewis RFM
  11. R.C.Russell (wk)
  12. P.A.J.De Freitas RFM
  13. R.K.Illingworth SLA
  14. P.W.Jarvis RFM
  15. A.R.C.Fraser RFM
  16. D.V.Lawrence RF
  17. D.E.Malcolm RF
  18. P.C.R.Tufnell SLA
:pak: PAKISTAN vs England - 5 T20Is (in Pakistan)

:pak: :bat: Rameez Raja
:pak: :bat: Saeed Anwar
:pak: :ar: Aamer Sohail - Slow left-arm orthodox

:pak: :ar: Javed Miandad Right-arm legbreak
:pak: :bat: Shoaib Mohammad

:pak: :bat: Ijaz Ahmed
:pak: :ar: Imran Khan :c:
:pak: :ar: Saleem Malik - Right-arm legbreak
:pak: :bat: Inzamam-ul-Haq

:pak: :wk: Moin Khan
:pak: :wk: Rashid Latif
:pak: :ar: Asif Mujtaba
:pak: :ar: Manzoor Elahi

:pak: :bwl: Wasim Akram
:pak: :bwl: Waqar Younis
:pak: :bwl: Aaqib Javed

:pak: :bwl: Abdul Qadir
:pak: :bwl: Mushtaq Ahmed
18 Man Squad T20 Series vs Australia:

G.W.Flower SLA
D.L.Houghton (wk)
A.Flower (wk)
E.A.Brandes RFM
A.G.Huckle LBG
M.P.Jarvis LMF
W.R.James (wk)
I.P.Butchart RM
G.J.Crocker LMF
M.G.Burmester RM
A.J.Traicos OB
D.H.Brain LFM
A.C.I.Lock RM
S.G.Peall OB
@Na Maloom Afraad
@Ed Smith

Please name your XIs from your 18 man squads for the following match bearing in mind any Injuries and also the Pitch and Weather conditions.

Pakistan v England - 1st T20 International - at Lahore - 1991/2

2 - Good Batting Wicket
Weather: 1 - Hot and Sunny
Unavailable: (Pakistan) - Abdul Qadir (back strain - 1 match) G.A.Hick (stomach bug - 1 match), D.V.Lawrence (breach of discipline, fined by management - 1 match)

Lahore will host the 1st T20 International between Pakistan and England in 1991/2
:pak: :bat: Rameez Raja
:pak: :ar: Aamer Sohail :bwl:
:pak: :ar: Javed Miandad (will NOT bowl)
:pak: :ar: Saleem Malik :bwl:
:pak: :bat: Ijaz Ahmed
:pak: :ar: Imran Khan :c: :bwl:
:pak: :bat: Inzamam-ul-Haq
:pak: :wk: Moin Khan :wk:
:pak: :bwl: Wasim Akram :bwl:
:pak: :bwl: Waqar Younis :bwl:
:pak: :bwl: Aaqib Javed :bwl:
  1. G.A.Gooch RM
  2. A.J.Stewart (wk)
  3. N.Hussain
  4. G.A.Hick OB
  5. R.A.Smith
  6. A.J. Lamb
  7. I.T.Botham RFM
  8. P.A.J.De Freitas RFM
  9. D.V.Lawrence RF
  10. D.E.Malcolm RF
  11. P.C.R.Tufnell SLA
@Na Maloom Afraad
@Ed Smith

Pakistan v England - 1st T20 International - at Lahore - 1991/2 - Match Report

Brilliant bowling by ageless allrounder Ian Botham set up an easy win for England in the 1st T20 International at Lahore.
Pakistan were given a good start when Rameez Raja and Aamer Sohail added 38 in the first 4 overs but Botham's spell changed the match.
Botham took 5-15 from his 4 overs to derail the Pakistan innings before fighting innings by Imran Khan and Wasim Akram at least took the target close to 140.
England openers Graham Gooch and Alec Stewart added 53 in 5 overs for the 1st wicket and from there England cruised to an easy 9 wicket victory with over 5 overs to spare.
Gooch went on to a hard hitting unbeaten 77* off 44 balls with 12 fours and 3 sixes but Man of the Match was Ian Botham for his fantastic five wicket haul.

Pakistan Vs England

1-Innings T20 Match Played At Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, 01-Sep-1991, T20 International

England Win by 9 wkts

Toss won byPakistan
Home SidePakistan
Player of MatchIT Botham
CommentPitch 2 Weather 1

Pakistan 1st Innings 137/8 Closed (Overs 20)

Rameez Rajalbwb IT Botham35372970
Aamer Sohailb IT Botham1517930
Javed Miandadlbwb IT Botham49510
Saleem Malikb IT Botham5351900
Ijaz Ahmedc N Hussainb DE Malcolm14161330
Imran Khan*c IT Bothamb ARC Fraser30402460
Inzamam-ul-Haqc AJ Stewartb IT Botham04300
Moin Khan+c IT Bothamb PCR Tufnell69400
Wasim Akramnot out23171422
Waqar Younisnot out41110
Aaqib Javeddnb
extras(b0 lb0 w0 nb1)1
TOTAL8 wickets for137
1-38(Aamer Sohail) 2-50(Javed Miandad) 3-55(Rameez Raja) 4-73(Ijaz Ahmed)
5-85(Saleem Malik) 6-85(Inzamam-ul-Haq) 7-106(Moin Khan) 8-133(Imran Khan)
DE Malcolm40321
PAJ DeFreitas40250
ARC Fraser41221
IT Botham41155
PCR Tufnell30351
GA Gooch1080

England 1st Innings 139/1 Closed (Overs 14.5)

GA Gooch*not out776544123
AJ Stewart+b Wasim Akram20271530
N Hussainnot out39373161
RA Smithdnb
AJ Lambdnb
MW Gattingdnb
IT Bothamdnb
PAJ DeFreitasdnb
ARC Fraserdnb
DE Malcolmdnb
PCR Tufnelldnb
extras(b2 lb0 w1 nb0)3
TOTAL1 wickets for139
1-58(AJ Stewart)
Wasim Akram30291
Waqar Younis30200
Imran Khan30290
Aaqib Javed30360
Aamer Sohail1.50150
Saleem Malik1080

Ian Botham.jpg

Ian Botham took 5-15 to set up an easy England win in the 1st T20 International at Lahore

Am sure CremerCurrans will be interested too so please choose an 18 man squad from your available list of players for a T20 series v Zimbabwe in India in 1991/2 from your available list of players.
You can add anyone I may have forgotten.

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