Matt's Photoshop Resources Pack [RE-UPLOADED 6/6/07]


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Aug 19, 2005
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This pack is aimed at the graphics community of PlanetCricket but mainly at the beginners. However, let this not put off the experienced GFX makers as some of the tutorials are hard to follow and no doubt the textures, brushes and fonts featured in this pack will be of great use to you.


-92 Brushes
-199 Fonts
-290 Light Textures
-9 Tutorials
-1 Useful Sites List
-1 Readme


Thanks to;

-The various sites and contributors where I gathered these resources from.
-The PC GFX Community for being so active.
-The Killers for being 'teh pwnage!' and stopping me from falling asleep whilst assembling this pack


Installation Instructions;


-Copy and paste all brushes into this folder C:Program Files>Adobe>Photoshop>Presets>Brushes


-Copy and paste all fonts into this folder C:Control Panel>Fonts


Further Notices;

-All these resources were used by me on Photoshop CS2 so I can not help you if you are having problems using them on a lesser
-Please do not rip from the tutorials that I placed in this pack; The people who made them worked very hard and I will remove
this pack from download if anyone deliberately rips from them.
-NONE of these tutorials were made by me so I deserve no credit for them whatsoever.


I know it's a hefty download size but don't let that put you off. Surely your graphics mean more to you than 30 minutes download time? ;)

Download Link;

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Great work matt.This will be great for a lot of people. Thanks for spending the time doing this, reps for you. Oh and I don't like the killers lol :p

Downloading now...*yawn*
Thanks for thise mate it will take my art to a new level.
Anyone who likes my pack should also use my current sig. Go on, it's for a good cause. ;)
evertonfan said:
-The Killers for being 'teh pwnage!' and stopping me from falling asleep whilst assembling this pack
Can't beat a bit of The Killers at 2 in the morning :p
By the way, because that download link is hosted on a third-party site the link will expire in due course. That means you'll have to download it asap whilst you have the chance.

Oh and i'd appreciate some comments instead of you just nicking off with the download. ;)
nice work will surely help a lot of gfx makers...
all the secrets have come out and i see no reason why everyone here now should not be able to make atleast intermediate sigs
199 Fonts? 290 Light Textures? 92 Brushes? Matt i'm ashamed of you! Horrid work, compilation and its poo! At least need 2000 in each :mad: :mad :mad:

Of course, i'm joking. :p What an amazing pack. Brilliant. Awesome work mate! Keep it up!
I have a problem when i download packs though.... Whenever i save it and try an open it in Photoshop it doesn't work.. i have to just open it and extract every single file by itself into a folder. Does everyone else have the same problem?
It's zipped so just unzip it onto your desktop, and Matt has already organized the pack into folders so you should have no problem from there.
Oh ok thanks. I will download it now that im sure :)
Should i save it as a Winazip or all files?

Anyway its finished downloading and it is an awesome pack. Thanks!

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