Story The Journey of a Coach: West Indies. [VS Pak (2nd Test :Day 2 Stump)


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Jan 1, 2013
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Bad day in the office just like he had in real time of Day 1 Vs India, exposing the tail? ;)

Chanderpaul is one of the batters I like, really a Wall of Windies batting line up. Still, Lara, Ambrose and Hooper are my first favorites from WI team. :)

If I had to pick the blast from the past, I would pick the 3 Ws and Richards. A bit of fearsome four of WI bowling would be good too. :D


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Feb 18, 2007
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Rain Hits Pakistan Progress.

WI Tail putted on 20 More Runs Before Pakistan bowled them out.
Roach Remains Not out on 10 runs.

Pakistan started of Very well as Both HAfeez and Farhat batted to Lunch
without losign a wicket for 42 Runs.
Hafeez 16 (36) Farhat 24 (48).
West Indies Bowling were unabled to take any wicket.

After Lunch.
Sammy got the breakthrough. Cleaning bowling Hafeez.
3 Over were Bowled after the Fall of Hafeez, then the Rain came.
No more play was played as PAksiatn Went in at 97 for 1.
with Farhat on 52 and M Khan on 0.

Stump Day 3
140 Runs Lead.

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Feb 18, 2007
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West Indies in Command​

Kemar Roach and Ravi Rampaul were fire up, Roach got the early
wicket removing Farhat for 52 and then later having My Khan LBW for 21.
Rampaul followed him getting Ali Caught behind for 9.
After a Spell of 7 over each from Roach (2-16) and Rampaul (1-27).
Sammy and BEst toke over and carried on from where Rampaul and
Roach left off.
Sammy toke his first wicket removing S Ahmed for 10, Followed by the
next over, Best removed Shafiq caught by Chanderpaul for 4
Not far away Sammy got his 3rd wicket clean bowling Rehman for 0,
Best again toke another wicket followed by Sammy wicket, with Misbah,
caught behind for 30.

Lunch was taken with Pakistan on 178 for 8.
After Lunch Pakistan started to play a little careful, but was unable
to carry on, as Sammy toke his 4th wicket trapping Ajmal lbw for 7.
With the last partnership, Pakistan build a decent partnership, of 48
from 17 over, before Roach finish off thing, clean bowling Gul for 22.

Pakistan finish off at 235 all out with a Lead of 279.


West Indies started off after Tea.

West Indies started off defensively, but Powell was unable to carry on, he
fell early as he edge one straight up in the air for Ali to take and easy catch off the bowling of Ajmal. Daren Bravo follwed right after, he to mistiming a
shot, as Khan toke and easy catch , WI started to Wobble on 32 for 2.
K Edward give Gayle some Support. as both played well, as they went past
50 runs partnership. Gayle 29 off 65 and Edward 21 off 40.
Both Played until Closed of Play.
At Close of Play WI were in Command going into Day 5, with 8 wickets in
Hand, with Gayle on 46 and Edwards on 37.
West Indies Need 174 more Runs to Win.

As we go into the final Day



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Feb 18, 2007
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West Indies take the Lead in the first Test.


West Indies played well as both Overnight Batsmen reaches 50 Runs,
Before Lunch. With Gayle reaching first off 118 Balls, while
Edwards toke 93 Balls. As Lunch approach, Gayle also approach his century,
as he try to accelerate the Run rate. with just 1 run away from his century
he was Caught behind by Ahmed off the bowling of Rehman.

At Lunch , West Indies went in Lunch at 205/3.
In this session they scored 101 Runs with losing only 1 wicket.

After Lunch West Indies batted very slow, scoring only 64 Runs in this Session.
With just 10 Runs away from Victory.
Edwards brought up his century off 192 balls.
Both Edwards 120 and Chanderpaul 36 remain unbeaten.

After Tea.
West Indies went on for the Win, as they goes 1 up in this series.

*West Indies* vs *Pakistan*

Statistical Notes


* *Day 1

* *Pakistan 1st innings

* 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 91 balls (Ali 34, Ahmed 15, Extras 1)

* Lunch: Pakistan 82/3 after 25.0 overs (Ali 36, Ahmed 17)

* Azhar Ali 50: 86 balls, 145 minutes (3 x 4's, 0 x 6's)

* 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 62 balls (Ali 18, Misbah-ul-Haq 26, Extras 6)

* Tea: Pakistan 167/6 after 50.0 overs (Rehman 2, Shafiq 2)

* 7th Wicket: 50 runs in 75 balls (Rehman 3, Shafiq 41, Extras 6)

* Asad Shafiq 50: 59 balls, 110 minutes (3 x 4's, 2 x 6's)

* End of Day: Pakistan 256/9 after 82.0 overs (Khan 0, Shafiq 75)


* *Day 2

* *West Indies 1st innings

* Lunch: West Indies 56/2 after 23.0 overs (Edwards 4, Bravo 17)

* Tea: West Indies 140/5 after 54.0 overs (Sammy 2, Ramdin 5)

* New Ball Taken: West Indies 202/6 after 80.0 overs (Sammy 40, Narine 18)

* End of Day: West Indies 207/8 after 85.0 overs (Roach 1, Rampaul 2)


* *Day 3

* *Pakistan 2nd innings

* Lunch: Pakistan 42/0 after 14.0 overs (Hafeez 16, Farhat 24)

* 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 92 balls (Hafeez 23, Farhat 25, Extras 2)

* Imran Farhat 50: 89 balls, 131 minutes (3 x 4's, 1 x 6's)

* Tea: Pakistan 97/1 after 31.1 overs (Khan 0, Farhat 52)

* End of Day: Pakistan 97/1 after 31.2 overs (Khan 0, Farhat 52)


* *Day 4

* Lunch: Pakistan 180/8 after 57.0 overs (Gul 2, Ajmal 2)

* *West Indies 2nd innings

* Tea: West Indies 1/0 after 1.0 overs (Gayle 1, Powell 0)

* 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 105 balls (Gayle 29, Edwards 21, Extras 0)

* End of Day: West Indies 105/2 after 37.0 overs (Gayle 46, Edwards 37)


* *Day 5

* CH Gayle 50: 118 balls, 170 minutes (0 x 4's, 0 x 6's)

* 3rd Wicket: 100 runs in 195 balls (Gayle 49, Edwards 50, Extras 1)

* KA Edwards 50: 93 balls, 131 minutes (2 x 4's, 0 x 6's)

* 3rd Wicket: 150 runs in 288 balls (Gayle 79, Edwards 70, Extras 2)

* Lunch: West Indies 206/3 after 68.0 overs (Chanderpaul 0, Edwards 83)

* KA Edwards 100: 192 balls, 271 minutes (4 x 4's, 0 x 6's)

* New Ball Taken: West Indies 238/3 after 80.0 overs (Chanderpaul 13,
Edwards 102)

* 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 114 balls (Chanderpaul 24, Edwards 26, Extras 0)

* Tea: West Indies 270/3 after 97.0 overs (Chanderpaul 35, Edwards 111)

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Copyright (c) 2013 Rockingham Software Ltd.
All data is fictional and generated by a computer simulation.


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There are some spelling mistakes well i am sure it wont happen next time right :cheers


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Feb 15, 2006
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That's rewarding to do things in final session of a match, well done indeed. :)


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Feb 18, 2007
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West Indies Prepare for their next Test.

As West Indies prepare for the next Test against Pakistan, WICB have
Announce a Short Tour for the U19 Team to tour India. No Confirmation
on the Team as yet, but they will be a Warm up match 1st against a County
Team followed by one 5 day unoffical Test Match. The Match is Set for the 22nd of July.

West Indies Senior side, after the first successful Test match against Pakistan.
Looks to Win the Test Match against Pakistan. West Indies Last Victory in a
Test Series was against England in the West Indies a few year ago.

After Sitting down with Coach and Captain.
West Indies are very confidence in pulling this off.
............. More to Follow
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Feb 18, 2007
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Coach Red Praised West Indies Performance, and hope for a Series Win.

The West Indies Coach is hoping for a series win, after a very good performance
from West Indies in the first Test Match.

'' In the first Test Match, we had good session, despite our poor batting effort
in the 1st innings, our bowler came back strong in the 2nd inning. Which had
given us a chance to push for that victory. I must given C Gayle credit the
way he played the 2nd inning, him along K Edwards to see off West Indies to
and a Good bowling performance Leading from the front Sammy with our Pace
attack of Roach and Rampaul. A very good team effort.

I am looking forward for the 2nd Test, as the team is very confidence we are
going to pull off a Series Victory. ''

West Indies are in an unfamiliar position in a Test series and is confidence
that they will pull off a 2-0 series Win over Pakistan. On the other Hand,
Pakistan is going to hit back hard, it's going to a very interesting 2nd Test.
To see if Pakistan can Draw the series or WI take 2-0 Series win which they
haven't had in a long time against the Top Test nation.

While to West Indies U19 have pick there Side.
Junior Chanderpaul have been added to the Squad.

The Team is Captain by Anthony Alleyne.
and the 16 squad will be
Chaka Bascombe
Tagenarine Chanderpaul
Brian Christmas (Wkt)
Orlanzo Cush
Dale Daesrath
Justin Greaves
Chaim Holder
Shai Hope
Jerome Jones
Javier Lambert
Marquino Mindley
Nicolas Pooran (WKT)
Fernix Reifer
Akeem Saunders


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Feb 18, 2007
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West Indies VS Pakistan
2nd Test Match.
Sabina Park, Jamaica.

West Indies Won the Toss and Batted.
West Indies have Made two changes , Samuels come in for Best and Shillingford for Narine.
As for Pakistan they have made one changes Rahat Ali come in for Abdur Rehman.


Asad Shafiq Rebuild Pakistan Innings after an early collapse.

West Indies pace bowlers, Roach and Rampaul, bowled with some pace, the Pakistani Batsman
tried to play both bowlers out. During Rampaul long over spell, Hafeez was drop by D Ramdin on 10,
his luck didn't last long as he would of like , a few over later. Rampaul clean him up by bowling a yorker, which Hafeez
had no clue for 18 . Pakistan losing there 2nd wicket to Rampaul again, as Powell toke and easy catch
at slip to remove MY Khan for 7, in Rampaul final over of his 9 over spell.
Pakistan continue to struggle as Shillingford take over from Rampaul, removing Farhat for a decent
31 runs just before Lunch. He was clean bowled. with Pakistan struggling at 67/3.


After Lunch
Shillingford continue to work his magic as he remove A Ali for 12, caught by Ramdin. Misbah and Sarfraz
started to build a decent partnership, but it wasn't enough. Only 47 Runs Partnership between the two.
Sarfraz went first caught by Sammy for 29 off Shillingford and Misbah Follow quickly he was caught by
Bravo for 30 runs off the bowling of Rampaul.
With half of the side including the Captain, all back into the pavilion. West Indies was all over them.
As Tea draw closer, Shafiq with the Support of Gul, carry Pakistan into tea with Pakistan on 167/6.


After Tea.
Pakistan 6th wicket pair just smash West Indies bowlers all around the Park.
a quick partnership of 50 Runs off 103 balls. Followed by Shafiq half century off 84 Balls.
Carrying Pakistan past 200 Run towards 225, before the rain came.
A Partnership stand of 86 off 27.4 Over @ a run rate of 3.11 , have given West Indies a lot to think
The Rain continue till Stumps.


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Feb 18, 2007
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West Indies In Strong Control.

West Indies Fast Bowlers Rampaul and Roach clean up the rest of
the wickets.
Roach toke up the first 3 wickets. Removing U Gul early, caught by Powell for 28,
Followed by Ajmal who was clean bowled and MJ Khan also clean bowl in the same
over. Rampaul then finish up by cleaning up over night half century maker A Shafiq.
Bowling out Pakistan for 250 Runs.

In Reply, West Indies loses Powell early for 5, as he was caught by Farhat off the
bowling of Gul.
West Indies went in Lunch without losing any more wickets. After Lunch West Indies
loses Gayle for 31 Run. he was Clean bowled by Khan. Bravo and Samuel was able to
Carry West Indies past 100, however Samuels was unable to carry on as he was caught by
Hafeez off Gul. West Indies been 132 for 3, hit a great performance by young Bravo and
Edwards as both see off West Indies into Stump without losing any more wickets.

Carring West Indies to 232 for 3. Bravo scored a great century and Edward a decent half
Both have put West Indies in a great position to post a lead going into tomorrow.
Just 18 Runs behind.

Its going to be an interesting day tomorrow.
How much more run can West Indies be able to put on, or will Pakistan
strike back, with a very weak batting line up of WI middle order and tail

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Feb 18, 2007
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Continue the Story . lol forgot all about it until i saw my save game lol.

Day 3

Daren Bravo put WI in a Dominated Position.

West Indies loses K Edwards very early. just adding 4 Run Over to his score
he was caught by the Ahmed off the Bowling of Gul for 58 Runs.
A Partnership of 222 Runs between Bravo and Chanderpaul, Boost West Indies
into a Solid position, Bravo played a Very Brilliant Innings in this Partnership
Scoring his career Best 231 Runs, before he was Caught by Hafeez off
the bowling of Gul. Putting West Indies into a very Commanding position of
200Runs + Lead.
West Indies just loses there Final Wicket before they declared.
Chanderpaul was the Final Wicket, he was LBW by Gul for 93 runs

West Indies Declared on 481/6 with a good lead of 231.

Pakistan came out just for 2 Over. and Without Lost, they added 8 runs
without lost.


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