13th Match, Group A - CSK v Victoria @ Port Elizabeth


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CSK all the way!!!!!
Seriously, CSK has to put Justin Kemp and Michael Hussey for this match.
Speaking of Port Elizabeth. Have they improved the lights at St George's Park or are they still as bad as they were back in 1994?
Like Siddle pushing his length right up so far.

angryangy added 0 Minutes and 14 Seconds later...

Good pace.
Surender would be jumping up and down now that Haydos is not playing. :p
Never really seen him do that. Anyways, I just wanted to know why Hayden isn't playing? :p
Tight start. Will either side really be happy with it? I think the Vics should try and coax a wicket with a bowling change.
These 2 should really go for it now, they got such a great batting line up that they can easily get 90-100 off the last 10.
I'd take McKay out and look to McGain, but with the batsmen well set now, it might not go well.

angryangy added 4 Minutes and 0 Seconds later...

Well it might not go well for the wrong reason! Raina now will enjoy facing spin!

angryangy added 4 Minutes and 23 Seconds later...

lol that slow bouncer was so short, it practically fell on Vijay. He did well to tap it away.
Speak up, Dada! Nobody can hear what you are saying.
Only saw the last one but 3 beamers in an over is a bit much for someone who has a Test cap

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