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Jan 11, 2017
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Ddrap's summer project 2023: what if a league was entirely scripted?

It's 40* years in the future. We haven't run out of petrol (yet), I probably STILL haven't changed my PFP from January, and Jonathan Agnew is still commentating whenever the Ashes comes around. More importantly, the T20 World Cup (yes, the name was changed back) is now a true extravaganza - set up like a modern day football World Cup, with 32 teams - albeit in four groups rather than eight. And it's in Australia for the first time in twenty-four years.

This league will run almost like you'd expect an online novel to be released - in bits. Each match will basically be a chapter. I'll write a report as well as a scorecard. In the meantime, here's the groups!

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
:arg: Argentina
:aus: Australia (host)
:can: Canada
:den: Denmark
:guy: Guyana
:ken: Kenya
:sri: Sri Lanka
:zim: Zimbabwe
:afg: Afghanistan
:bar: Barbados
Chile (they don't have a PC flag :sad:)
:ind: India
:ita: Italy
:nzf: New Zealand
:ned: Netherlands
:wal: Wales
:ger: Germany
:ire: Ireland
:nam: Namibia
:pak: Pakistan
:png: Papua New Guinea
:sco: Scotland
:saf: South Africa
:uae: UAE
:ban: Bangladesh
:bra: Brazil
:eng: England
:fra: France
:jam: Jamaica
:nor: Iceland (that is definitely the Iceland flag yes)
:tat: Trinidad
:usa: USA

Group Stage

:aus: vs :den: - :aus: won by 5 wickets
:chi: vs :nzf: - :nzf: won by 9 wickets
:nam: vs :sco: - :sco: won by 2 runs
:nor: vs :eng: - :eng: won by 9 wickets
:guy: vs :sri: - :sri: won by 26 runs
:bar: vs :ind: - :bar: won by 19 runs
:ire: vs :saf: - :saf: won by 11 runs
:fra: vs :bra:
:ken: vs :can:
:ned: vs :ita:
:png: vs :ger:
:tat: vs :ban:
:zim: vs :arg:
:afg: vs :wal:
:uae: vs :pak:
:jam: vs :usa:
:guy: vs :can:
:ind: vs :wal:
:ger: vs :sco:
:bra: vs :nor:
:den: vs :zim:
:ned: vs :afg:
:pak: vs :ire:
:ban: vs :eng:
:sri: vs :arg:
:bar: vs :nzf:
:uae: vs :png:
:usa: vs :fra:
:aus: vs :ken:
:ita: vs :chi:
:saf: vs :nam:
:jam: vs :tat:
:den: vs :guy:
:afg: vs :ind:
:sco: vs :uae:
:nor: vs :ban:
:can: vs :sri:
:wal: vs :chi:
:ire: vs :png:
:bra: vs :usa:
:zim: vs :aus:
:ita: vs :bar:
:nam: vs :ger:
:eng: vs :jam:
:arg: vs :ken:
:nzf: vs :ned:
:saf: vs :pak:
:fra: vs :tat:
:zim: vs :guy:
:wal: vs :ita:
:ire: vs :sco:
:jam: vs :ban:
:arg: vs :can:
:afg: vs :chi:
:nam: vs :pak:
:tat: vs :bra:
:ken: vs :den:
:nzf: vs :ind:
:uae: vs :ger:
:fra: vs :eng:
:aus: vs :sri:
:bar: vs :ned:
:png: vs :saf:
:usa: vs :nor:
:guy: vs :arg:
:afg: vs :nzf:
:nam: vs :uae:
:ban: vs :fra:
:zim: vs :ken:
:ind: vs :ita:
:pak: vs :png:
:bra: vs :eng:
:aus: vs :can:
:chi: vs :ned:
:ger: vs :ire:
:nor: vs :jam:
:den: vs :sri:
:wal: vs :bar:
:saf: vs :sco:
:tat: vs :usa:
:ken: vs :guy:
:bar: vs :afg:
:ire: vs :uae:
:tat: vs :nor:
:aus: vs :arg:
:ned: vs :wal:
:sco: vs :pak:
:fra: vs :jam:
:sri: vs :zim:
:ind: vs :chi:
:saf: vs :ger:
:eng: vs :usa:
:den: vs :can:
:ita: vs :nzf:
:png: vs :nam:
:bra: vs :ban:
:guy: vs :aus:
:chi: vs :bar:
:uae: vs :sco:
:usa: vs :ban:
:ken: vs :sri:
:ind: vs :ned:
:pak: vs :ger: - The CerealKiller Derby
:nor: vs :fra:
:arg: vs :den:
:ita: vs :afg:
:nam: vs :ire:
:tat: vs :eng:
:zim: vs :can:
:wal: vs :nzf:
:png: vs :saf:
:jam: vs :bra:

Round of 16


TBA - Basin Reserve


Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Lavington, Albury (hosting one game as a 70th anniversary celebration of the 1992 World Cup)
The Gabba, Brisbane
Capital Stadium, Canberra
Kardinia Park, Geelong
Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast
Bellerive Arena, Hobart
MCG, Melbourne
Perth Stadium, Perth
SCG, Sydney
Stadium Australia, Sydney
Riverway Stadium, Townsville

New Zealand
Eden Park, Auckland
Hagley Stadium, Christchurch
Forsyth Stadium, Dunedin
Seddon Park, Hamilton
McLean Park, Napier
Pukekura Park, New Plymouth (hosting one game as a 70th anniversary celebration of the 1992 World Cup)
John Davies Oval, Queenstown
Bay Oval, Tauranga
Basin Reserve, Wellington
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Perth Stadium is Optus. Capital Stadium is a rebuilt Manuka Oval - I know the new Gabba will retain the name, and I didn't think any of the other stadiums would particularly need to be replaced before this time (Hobart maybe, but I'll slap anyone who dares remove the hill in the face)
Capital stadium and Perth stadium are fictional?
Game 1
Australia vs Denmark
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia

:aus: Australia:den: Denmark
6. :bat: Ethan Keane51. :bat: Oliver Hansen
33. :ar: Elijah Davison47. :bat: Stefan Hansen
37. :bat: Jacob Cameron :c:57. :bat: Sebastian Kroldrup :c:
52. :ar: Michael Ferris4. :ar: Lasse Christiansen
12. :bat: Christian Valentino33. :bat: Anders Madsen
3. :wkb: Oli McLain20. :ar: Lucas Kristensen
82. :ar: James Bullinger11. :wkb: Thomas Norgaard
7. :ar: Jack Greaves28. :ar: Jesper Bruun
68. :bwl: Brad Lee18. :ar: Johan Karlsen
55. :bwl: Harrison Greenwood81. :bwl: Mathias Degne
44. :bwl: Kane Bonner55. :bwl: Christian Kvist

After a vibrant opening ceremony hosted on the turf of the SCG, Jacob Cameron won the toss and bowled. Denmark's openers, the brothers Hansen, struggled against the pace of Lee and Greenwood early - Stefan Hansen edged two boundaries in the first two overs. Oliver was more assured, pulling Bullinger twice to the fence in the third over, but he then lost his middle stump to a 152kmh Greenwood yorker, becoming the first dismissal of the World Cup.

Stefan responded by drilling Lee back over his head into the sightscreen. At the other end, Kroldrup got going in the final Powerplay over, driving and then flicking Bullinger for two straight boundaries. The spinners, Bonner and Greaves, came on and tightened everything up, with only one boundary - an immaculate reverse sweep by Stefan Hansen - in the next three overs. Hansen seemed to reboot Denmark with a big six off the second-to-last ball before drinks, taking Greaves deep over mid wicket, and Denmark took drinks at 1/72 off their first ten.

Australia tried something by bringing on Elijah Davison. The young batting allrounder conceded nine from his first three balls - including a sweet glance off the legs of Hansen - but got the struggling Kroldrup out the next ball, plumb LBW after missing a sweep. He departed for 21, and Australia struck again four balls later when Greenwood, recalled to bowl at the incoming Christiansen, got him to glove one to McLain. Anders Madsen got himself off strike, and after a leave that was almost on the wide line, Hansen deposited him into the stands over square leg to bring up a 50 off 34 balls. Bonner kept the next over tight, but then Bullinger conceded eighteen from his third and final over of the day - including a wide, a no-ball, two fours and a free hit meatball that went about 35 rows back from Hansen. Madsen was away too, punching Greaves to the fence in the next over too. Denmark were primed for 170+, being at 3/119 after 15.

Bonner was greatly unlucky not to get Hansen in his final over. The Dane skipped down the pitch to take him back over his head, and missed. But the ball had deviated so sharply off a crack in the pitch that McLain could only deflect it, and a bye was run instead. Greaves avenged his spin partner by drawing Madsen into chopping on for 22 in his next over. Hansen started off Lee's 18th with a pair of boundaries - an elegant straight drive and a well-executed ramp - before he flat-batted a pull straight down the throat of Ferris at deep square leg. He departed for a well-made 79, but at a crucial time. Scoring off the bat slowed right down, as Lucas Kristensen struggled with the pace of Greenwood - eleven came from his final over, but that included a top edge over the keeper and a five wides. The final over saw one outstanding loft for four from Norgaard, but Lee bowled well otherwise, and got the wicket of Kristensen from the final ball of the innings, as he hit a massive top edge and was caught by the keeper. 6/160 was a defendable total, but not one where they would be favoured.


Australia's reply started brightly as Keane hit a brace of fours off Christian Kvist. Keane continued into the second over, slamming Degne into the crowd over mid wicket, and then Davison joined in with a lovely drive off Johan Karlsen's first ball. Australia took 15 off Kvist's second over, including a giant six over backward square leg by Keane, and Denmark responded by throwing in the spinner. Bruun was swept for four on his first ball, but four balls later, Keane skewed a big drive straight down the throat of Degne at long on, ending his innings at 37.

Denmark brought back the catch taker for the final powerplay over with Keane out, but he was loose, with Davison cutting and then flicking him to the rope within the over. 1/64 was a daunting start, although Bruun slowed things down by bottling up captain Cameron. Lasse Christiansen came on at the other end, as Denmark attempted to pressure cook the Australian batsmen, but it really wasn't to be, as while Bruun especially was cheap, Australia drew three of his four overs without losing any further wickets, and Davison cashed in with a couple of boundaries against Christiansen. 1/91 at 10 seemed to have Australia in control.

Denmark brought on Kristensen again with the game ebbing away. This just led to Cameron finally unshackling with a big cover drive. Karlsen at the other end conceded a long six into the sightscreen, but then saw Kroldrup take a good catch moving backwards at mid on after Davison attempted to repeat. Out for 51 was a solid effort for Davison, but Australia saw some trouble when Bruun came back and pinned Cameron LBW in his final over. Karlsen continued tightly, but Denmark were out of Bruun, and had to bring back Degne. This went poorly, as a hat-trick of boundaries were carved by Ferris.

Australian victory seemed inevitable, even as Karlsen got Valentino to slice one to backward point. There was one more twist in the tail, as with just two needed, Ferris tried to finish it himself and only got as far as deep mid wicket, who was in about 15 metres. But a more measured approach from Bullinger and McLain got Australia off to the perfect start in front of an adoring crowd.

MOTM: Stefan Hansen

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