Story 2062 T20 World Cup

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Game 2
New Zealand vs Chile
Basin Reserve, Wellington

:nzf: New Zealand:chi: Chile
41. :bat: Josh Hart36. :bat: Irvin Medellin
24. :bat: Nick Murphy44. :ar: Mateo De La Paz :c:
5. :wkb: Michael Reynolds3. :bat: Bruno Sanchez
6. :bat: Spencer Nelson19. :bat: Paulo Contreras
18. :bat: Nick Wall :c:47. :ar: Vicente Saenz
79. :ar: Ben Daniel76. :wkb: Fernando Rincon
67. :ar: Zach Turnbull21. :ar: Robinson Diaz
25. :ar: Isaiah Harrington88. :ar: Freddy Salas
10. :bwl: Dylan Johnson6. :bwl: Estefan Castellanos
33. :bwl: RJ Walker14. :bwl: Anbrosio Diaz
34. :bwl: Troy Walker32. :bwl: Enrique Padilla

New Zealand won the toss in the home opener of their country, and Chile very rarely got anything going. De La Paz started brightly, but struggled to rotate the strike and eventually holed out to deep square leg; meanwhile, none of Medellin, Contreras or Saenz ever got going, as Dylan Johnson proved penetrative and the spinners kept the runs down. The exception was Bruno Sanchez, who hit a sterling 75 not out that gave Chile some runs - they may have been bowled out for under 100 without him.

The Kiwis weren't seriously challenged in the chase. Nick Murphy brutalised the bowlers, hitting four sixes - including three in the powerplay - on his way to a Man Of The Match-winning 80*. Josh Hart played a nice knock until he sliced Padilla to a good catch at backward point, and then Reynolds supported Murphy on his way home, including driving Padilla to the sightscreen boundary to end the game as the Kiwis took care of probably the worst team in their group.

Updates will come quicker after the first round. Adding every team is a pain in the proverbials.

Game 3
Namibia vs Scotland
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

:nam: Namibia:sco: Scotland
18. :bat: JP Abrahams :c:64. :bat: Robert Mundy
90. :wkb: Jan-Berrie Liebenberg35. :bat: Charlie Young
36. :bat: Angelo Shilongo82. :bat: Andrew Reedy :c:
1. :ar: Riaan Liebenberg33. :bat: David Irvine
9. :bat: Dylan Kuanzambi47. :wkb: Kyle Ferguson
17. :ar: Christian Viljoen24. :ar: Callum Taylor
63. :ar: Gabriel Smith55. :ar: Ross Clarke
33. :ar: Norbert Smits51. :ar: Adam Phillips
5. :bwl: Johannes Kanalelo71. :bwl: Adam Firth
96. :bwl: Lee Nanganda31. :bwl: Robert Milne
11. :bwl: Cole du Plessis24. :bwl: Liam Carlisle

The first match of the second day promised a very even contest. Scotland won the toss, batted, and immediately made that prediction look dumb as Cole du Plessis fizzed one through Robert Mundy off the first ball of the game. Kanalelo at the other end leaked boundaries, but du Plessis continued to threaten and got wicket 2 in over 2 as, after an edge down the leg side beat JB Liebenberg for four, Young snicked at one on a fourth stump line and was caught behind. Namibia kept du Plessis going, and while he only conceded three from his third over, he didn't get another wicket. Reedy took advantage, caning the first two balls from Viljoen to the fence. Reedy and Irvine stabilised the innings, but Irvine never looked fully in. He hit two big sixes - one each off Smits and Smith - but, trying to go again against Smith, hit one directly up in the air. Scotland were left 3/72 at halfway, and Namibia had a chance to turn the screw. Kanalelo then conceded 17 in a nine-ball 11th and Scotland were on their way again. Nanganda kept it relatively tight, but the remainder of the mid-level bowlers were savaged. Eventually, Gabriel Smith returned and broke the partnership as, after a massive six, Ferguson picked out Kanalelo at deep forward square replicating it. Scotland immediately lost Callum Taylor to an ugly hack at Viljoen's medium pace, and Ross Clarke couldn't handle du Plessis who finished with a great 3/20. When Phillips swung and wildly missed at Smith's final ball, the Scots had set Namibia 177.

Namibia leapt into their task, scoring 53 from the first four overs. But Milne finally got the breakthrough in over five, as a huge swing from Liebenberg saw the ball go straight up to Phillips at backward square. Abrahams struggled to rotate the strike with Shilongo after the wicket, and when he fell LBW to the miserly Phillips, Namibia, while still ahead numerically, had to push on. 2/90 from 10 was a good platform, but this was where Scotland sped up, and instead, Namibia got just five from the next Phillips over and then saw Shilongo slice Milne to mid on after going for a shot that wasn't there. Kuanzambi attacked Clarke when he returned, having been belted for 17 from his first over by Liebenberg, but after one nice driven four, he chopped on. Scotland got a couple of danger overs out of the way, and the equation became 48 from 30 as it dipped below Scotland's line for the first time in the innings. Viljoen drove Clarke back over his head for six, but then snicked the next ball to the keeper. Scotland brought back Carlisle, and apart from a towering sweep for six off the second ball, he did well, conceding only two other runs. A tidy over from Phillips left Namibia needing 26 from 12, and Scotland with a decision - with Milne waiting for the 20th, do you bowl Firth (0/30 from 3) or Clarke (2/37 from 3)? Clarke was chosen, and conceded 10 from his first three - but then took out R Liebenberg's off stump. A huge swing from the final ball produced 3 for Gabriel Smith and left just 10 needed from six balls. Milne kept the first three balls to two, but then Smith flicked him for four. The next ball should have ended the contest, as Smith drove at a catchable height for Mundy at cover, but he spilled it and the batsman got a single. That left Smits with one ball to win the game... and he missed, and was run out as Namibia vainly attemped to get three byes. Scotland held on for a two run win.

Game 4
Iceland vs England

96. :bat: Gudmundir Bergmansson
8. :bat: Bjarni Ragnarsson
78. :wkb: Jokull Leifursson
74. :bat: Patrik Jonsson
16. :bat: Gunnar Sigmarsson
14. :ar: Gylfi Marteinsson
22. :ar: Vignir Gudbjornsson
7. :ar: Tomas Gunnarsson
29. :bwl: Johan Jonsson
59. :bwl: Rikhardur Danielsson
44. :bwl: Rosberg Valbjornsson

England :eng:

2. :bat: Richard Lipp
23. :bat: Jacob Drury
16. :wkb: Zac Daly
63. :ar: Matthew Whitehouse
20. :bat: Will Dunn
86. :ar: Mason Monroe
22. :ar: Reece Dorr
25. :ar: Ryan Williams
14. :bwl: Liam McPhail
42. :bwl: Austin Chesney
56. :bwl: Jake Patch

Iceland were sent in, and actually did a competent job generally. Bergmansson did a solid job of getting the innings rolling with his 49, while Bjarni Ragnarsson held there for him. But nobody else got remotely going, with only Marteinnsson's 5 (3) above 100 SR, and they were skittled for 109 by wrist spinner Reece Dorr, as well as their own running ending the innings on a drop and run from viking-shaped Rosberg Valbjornsson.

Jacob Drury decided he didn't want this to last much longer. He dropped the hammer, taking 19 off Valbjornsson's first over and 24 from Marteinsson's second (the fifth). He was dismissed with England just 15 short, and Lipp and Daly cruised home from there to take an emphatic 9-wicket win.

Game 5
Guyana vs Sri Lanka

Guyana :guy:
14. :bat: Regan Jones
32. :wkb: Dalton Moses
26. :bat: Scot Keith
13. :bat: Justin Samuels
94. :bat: Rampersaud Persaud
30. :ar: Leston Ragnauth
57. :ar: Premnauth Singh
46. :ar: Aaron Harris
23. :bwl: Roman Jacobs
7. :bwl: Johnny Jaggernath
10. :bwl: John Alberts

Sri Lanka :sri:

4. :bat: Dhammika Fernando
26. :bat: Manjula Siriwardene
3. :wkb: Arjun Hettige
92. :bat: Subash Gunasekara
32. :bat: Jayananda Herath
16. :ar: Charith Paranavitana
45. :ar: Pramod Magpala
51. :ar: Charith Rajapakse
84. :bwl: Kasun Senanayake
25. :bwl: Chathura Thirimanne
83. :bwl: Duleep Niroshan

Wrist spinner Johnny Jaggernath surprisingly stifled Sri Lanka's innings. To be fair, some of the stifling was done by middle order bats Arjun Hettige and Subash Gunasekara, who both looked off form today. Cameos at the end from Charith Paranavitana and Pramod Magpala, who took advantage of Leston Ragnauth bowling the final over to biff it for 16, raised their total to 159.

It turned out that was all that was required, as Guyana's batting absolutely tanked in response. Dalton Moses' accomplished fifty was the highlight, but at the other end, Jones couldn't get anyhting going, and the middle order failed completely. Premnauth Singh got some lusty blows in off Rajapakse and Paranavitana late but his spinner bashing was far too little, far too late.

Game 6
Barbados vs India

Barbados :bar:
17. :bat: Wallace Sealy
35. :bat: Kevon Ifill
63. :bat: Matthew Browne
27. :wkb: Rob St Hill
47. :bat: Peter Everton
14. :ar: Jamarr Chisley
34. :ar: Deron Fields
86. :ar: Gladstone Taylor
8. :bwl: Matthew Archer
25. :bwl: Simon McLean
96. :bwl: Jermaine Dyall
India :ind:

38. :bat: Sundar Chaudhary
36. :ar: Yashpal Jadhav
11. :bat: Manan Bhagwat
7. :bat: KS Singh
4. :bat: Maninder Chand
28. :wkb: Gautam Adhi Raja
54. :ar: Arun Patel
16. :ar: Anuraj Prasad
3. :bwl: Dinesh Nath
95. :bwl: R. Vehajuddin
15. :bwl: Mohan Sanjay

Barbados saw a strong start from Kevon Ifill, who manhandled the Indian pacers. When the spinners came on, Arun Patel dismissed both openers - Sealy after a solid 44 and Ifill after hitting 12 boundaries, including three sixes, off just 24 balls. The game slowed down from there with Matthew Brown generally struggling to get going, but a couple blows from Chisley and Taylor got them to 176.

India also got off to a solid start by smashing around Jermaine Dyall, but McLean kept everything tight and when the change bowlers came on, Matt Archer ran through the middle order. Jadhav delivered a nice batting performance, but without the middle order being able to get in - bar captain KS Singh - the Indians stumbled to a surprise loss to the Barbadians.

Game 7
Ireland vs South Africa

Ireland :ire:
73. :bat: Ben Howard
12. :bat: Kiefer McCarthy
31. :bat: Harrison Griffin
1. :ar: James Tilley
49. :wkb: Colin Fitzgerald
39. :ar: Brendan Fahey
62. :ar: Eoghan Keane
55. :ar: Nick Laughlin
78. :bwl: Chris Cadougan
70. :bwl: Colin Byrne
37. :bwl: Sam Tiernan
South Africa :saf:

17. :bat: Lonwabo Madlale
24. :wkb: Graeme Rossouw
38. :bat: Brandon Noble
8. :wkb: Thomas Davies
52. :ar: Freddie Young
46. :ar: Tony Nqolo
80. :ar: Christopher Magagula
18. :bwl: Mason Meyer
23. :bwl: Lerato Tshabalala
44. :bwl: Jean Hendricks
6. :bwl: Trevor van Meese

In a low-scoring feast, South Africa lost its best two batsmen early, and other than Brandon Noble, they struggled to get going. Davies played a guiding hand, while Tshabalala hit a pair of boundaries off Tilley in the nineteenth to pump the score up to 138. Keane dismissed both set batsmen but also got hit hardest.

The Irish also struggled to get going; they were well behind the eight ball at half way thanks to miserly bowling from Tshabalala and Magagula. McCarthy was able to accelerate back to 100, but following his dismissal, the lower order ran into something called Jean Hendricks; the big left armer ripped through the tail, taking five wickets in a single over to end any hopes for Ireland.


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