That is a huge amount to be investing in your first season...

Might be but if academies are not going to be reset at non-existent in next season, it's good for me.

As I can take my academies to atleast superior type this season and would invest next season in senior players of age 20-23 and train them big.:D

I'll stay for one more season at India and then probably move to scotland/Bermuda/Ireland in my 3rd season.
It takes quite a while to improve your academies, and you'll be making huge losses while you do so. Normally people suggest to only invest in academies with your left over money once you've paid for wages, grounds maintenance, etc.
:eek: How much are you investing?

The last week was very very bad for me,
I brought two players for nearly 200k and TBH both not worth it.:facepalm
So I had to take money out of academies.

And those two trades ruined it all for me as I have nothing left in hand and am going to lose 30k per week. I need something in surplus.
:( I only have $85000 left. I'll probably have to minimize my spendings on my academy for the time being.
Well you shouldn't be spending that much to start off with anyway as a new player.

And I used to always invest $0 in both academies and still do in Senior but am only investing $30,000-$40,000 a week in youth.
I'm investing like 20k into youth and 10k into senior... :p
After your recent sale you could invest a lot more in them! I've got 9k in senior and 40k in junior.
Well I haven't sold him yet and I'd prefer to break even each week
Senior academy popped to satisfactory this week :)

Focusing more on senior academy that youth one. So I'm trying to get the senior one to good, while keeping youth on reasonable.

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