Controls - Are Finesse Shots needed? My solution

Rob Stanworth

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Mar 24, 2016

I was wondering about the 'Finesse Shots' (LB and RB) and whether these are needed. Does anyone actually use them?

In my eyes, these need 'pre-meditating' and aren't easy to simply execute by reaction. My proposal is below, but here's some thinking based on me being an active cricketer...

There are 6 shot types in the game (IIRC). This means many shots have to be pre-meditated in my opinion.
- Defensive shot
- Finesse shot (LB + RB)
- Normal shot (sticks only)
- Attacking power shot (LT + RT)
- Lofted 6 hitting shot (LT)
- Special shot (LB)

Currently, I find the normal shot far too overpowered, with most of my shots going to the boundary (unrealistic) to the point where I rarely have to use the LT+RT attacking power shot.
The defensive block shot is also under-powered. In real life, it's a skill to drop/place a defensive shot and take 1 if there's a gap at square leg/cover etc. Adding a greater range of placement to this would also be beneficial, so the ball can be blocked square on either side of the wicket, or into the covers.

In my eyes, from a real life batsman's POV, it would make more sense for the normal shot to be de-powered so this becomes your run of the mill stroke into the infield. It also shouldn't need any extra button input to play a normal stroke for 1 or 2 (where it currently does with the finesse stroke). Anything beyond this (adding power, loft, sweeping etc) then needs button input to try and hit the ball for 4/6.

Here's my suggestion for BA:

- Remove the 'finesse' shots
- Add a greater range of placement with a defensive shot; drop to point or square leg for 1 run etc. 'Ideal' timing etc puts slightly more timing on it as if the forward defence has been middled and placed on purpose.
- Reduce the power of a 'normal' shot, so this is in effect the finesse shot into the gaps and through the infield for 1 or 2 runs
- Reserve the LT / RT power shot as the boundary hitting stroke
- Reserve the LT lofted shot as the attempt to hit the ball for 6

Anyone with thoughts on this?


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Jun 28, 2019
In Classic, LT + RB + (RS+LS) results in a LOFTED PRECISION SHOT.

I havent found this in Arcade control. These shot really helps a lot in powerplay to hit outside of the circle.

If you know, please let me know

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