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Jul 30, 2014
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Any idea what I would need to do in order to lower the speed the spin bowlers bowl? I don't mean the visual speed, but the actual speed. All the spinners are bowling at 65mph. Which slider would I need to change in order to make this a more realistic 50/55mph?
From memory, its spin revolutions and spin drift. That will help a bit. Don't set those above 63 though, weird AI shenaigans happen after that mark.


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Jan 3, 2018
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I simmed 3 games.

Identical pitch, line ups, conditions, stadiums.

I also made the pitch as terrible as I could. Started the match as a knackered up dusty/grassy day 5 strip with fast wear and heavy cracks. Basically, a death trap, and wanting both teams to be skittled dirt cheap.

I changed the wicket chance in the options, and left all other sliders the same (not default, but all the same for all 3 matches), except for my final test.

1,047 runs scored.


1,134 runs scored.


633 runs scored.

Only one set up managed to get any kind of reduced score, and only by one team. Either way, didn't give me the results I wanted. Not really sure what it shows if anything.

My 1950s story thing recently had some nonsense in it that kind of killed my buzz for it, and I wondered if it was something I could replicate. Either way, I don't think changing sliders is going to help me create the sort of matching conditions that I want.

I think the main takeaway is probably that Cricket 22 is "alright" but it's drawbacks and general vague nonsense don't hold my attention against other games in my catalogue for as long as I'd like. Idk.


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Jan 29, 2024
So...three day club games always seem to produce really low totals. 20 over games it's 130-170 or something with the run rate slider on 40 which I think is realistic at club level, I tend to increase the slider when I get to professional level. 50 over games I tend to have it on 35 or 40 and it produces scores between 200-300, again, I think this is realistic. But three day games, you can alter the run rate a bit with the slider but why are there so many low scores? Teams getting skittled for 55. Is it possible to change this with the sliders?


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May 4, 2016
AI run outs are broken for those of us who use manual fielding. Throwing the ball at the stumps no longer requires a green signal to have the best chance of hitting. Any release of the throw in the red is now a guaranteed hit. As the AI run like it's a t20 (sometimes starting another run as your fielder throws it) no matter what the AI run rate setting is, they will go for a suicide run too.
How to ged rid of this 4 to 5 Ai run outs occured even in Test Matches


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Jan 13, 2023
A question for all - does moving the joystick after pressing the deliver ball button (e.g. flight, bounce, normal, effort for an offie) make any difference? I accidently moved it, semi circle movement, and took a wicket. Have been doing it every ball since and seem to be taking a lot more wickets / creating more chances. Wicket type has also changed from mostly catches to a mix of bowled and caught behind.


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Mar 2, 2024
Hi @all
I am facing an issue where it says game data is corrupt and then i go on to delete current data and then create new game data. Once I click on create new profile and use my xbox id. It takes me to the same issue. I am not able to create new data, its just going back and fort, login, game corrupt, create new data, signin to create new data, game corrupt. This is happening I don't understand why, can you guys please help me with this. Thank you
Device: XBOX S
Playing using Gamepass


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May 4, 2016
They have been trying to improve gameplay. Problem is when one thing gets improved, four other things get broken or are in a lesser state than before. I still think the game peaked with the 24/2 patch.
Well said mate. Is there any option in steam to revert that ..

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